Google Business View comes to ITVET

Google Business view allows you to go beyond Streetview and step inside to take a 360˚ tour of your business. It is an interactive way for your clients to navigate their way through your business on a new level. 

At ITVET, we recently organised for our head office in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, to be photographed. It really was as straight forward and as fast a process as Google advertises. Nearly all of the work is completed by a Google Trusted Photographer – once scheduled, they visit your business and take the photographs. It is also the photographer who then turns these into a virtual tour and uploads it to Google – after the shoot our tour was uploaded in less than a week. While this is great for SEO, it really allows you to showcase your working space and introduce your environment to your clients.

itvet 3

Take a look inside ITVET House – our head office, where you will see our team hard at work. It’s not all work though – if you take a peek inside our kitchen you will see there are plenty of treats to reward our efforts at the end of the day!

If you would like to see inside more Businesses you can visit this online gallery that shares panoramic tours from around the world. This is great if you are planning and adventure and are looking for places to visit along the way.

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