5 Tips To Prepare Yourself For A Ransomware Attack

We are seeing an increasing number of cases of Ransomware attacks.

Paying ransoms to hackers does not guarantee the safe return of your files so it is best to take preventative actions you should take to protect your machine. The best defense against viruses such as Cryptolocker is to be aware of how your machine can become infected. Even if you are cautious with the websites you visit and the attachments you open, the disguises hackers use are often very deceptive and it is easier than you may think to be tricked into opening a malicious link. It is most important that you regularly back up your files to ensure that if you are caught out you won’t lose your most important documents. It is not just corporations and companies that are targeted – make sure you have copies of your photos saved to an alternative device, don’t lose your precious memories.

These are our top tips on how to stay safe from Ransomware and information on how you may become infected. If you would like any information on back up solutions or if you have any enquiries email us at [email protected] or call on 01279 464 470.

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