ITVET helps Holy Trinity Night Shelter to set up pods for Winter

ITVET are pleased to be volunteering for Holy Trinity night shelter in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, to ensure that they can meet the new Covid-19 guidelines and open this Winter. Working with the night shelter, ITVET will provide vital volunteers to wire the electrics for the pods that are being erected to ensure compliance to social distancing guidelines.

Holy Trinity night shelter and community outreach was set up by Reverend Brown and Megan Kervin from the salvation army. The shelter offers critical warmth and shelter from the harsh conditions at this time of year, to those in need from the local community.

Last year, the centre opened at the end of November until the end of March to provide night shelter during the winter months. Over that time, they sheltered 30 people, 4 of which were constant throughout the entire season. The previous year saw nearly 50 people pass through for support.

David Perry, Operations manager, for the charity spoke about the impact that Covid-19 has had on the homeless community:

This year has been a challenge for most people, but for those on the streets, it has added a new complexity to what is already a complicated daily life. Areas which would normally offer a welcome respite like local cafes and libraries are now closed meaning many are on the streets without shelter, all day every day. Other benefits like volunteer work experience and social initiatives which are vital to build self-esteem, gain references and get people back on their feet, are not able to run.

Luckily, the government has banned evictions, and the furlough scheme is helping some people temporarily, but the Food bank is starting to get busy with Christmas just round the corner – there are a lot of people struggling this year.

Night shelters around the UK are having to change their set up to adhere to the new government guidelines. This is resulting in delays to shelters opening when temperatures are already starting to plummet.

ITVET employees volunteering to help paint the homeless shelters

Holy Trinity night shelter would normally open in November but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the church has had to bring in a raft of new measures including social distancing in the main hall.

We’ve had to make significant changes to how we support those that need us. We cannot offer the same service as we normally do, so we need to find new ways of helping people get back on track.

At this point, we do not think we will be able to open until after Christmas – there are tighter risk assessments due to COVID-19, we still need to get the centre ready and source meals which can be served individually, and we now have to train our new volunteers remotely.

ITVET is just one of the organisations who have offered to help. They will install the electrics for each of the 7 pods altogether. Each Pod gives a resident a self-contained locker, charging point, and iPad from which we provide on demand television for the evening.

Normally, beds are rolled out into a communal hall area which is no longer possible, so the Pods are a great solution. Each Pod is created from plasterboard to give some soundproofing with a closed door and a window and vents. Guests will have access to a table and a charging station so that they can make important contact . Providing the guests with their own safe space and food and beverage making facilities, like a little hotel room will help with their mental health and hopefully, ensure they get back on their feet, as soon as possible. There will also be a little area outside where they can sit down and chat. As David says:

We know the centre makes a real difference. Last year, we have 5 former residents return to volunteer. They wanted to give back, and help others transform their lives as they have.

The centre offers so much more than just shelter. David and his volunteers offer 1-2-1 guidance to help residents get back on their feet including helping with doctors’ registrations, organising work experience, and assisting with accommodation applications. The centre is still look for support.

For updates from the centre, please follow their Facebook page, and If you are able to help, please contact David Perry.

ITVET delivers free refurbished laptops to Birchwood High School

On Friday 20th November, Managed IT Services provider, ITVET delivered the first batch of free refurbished laptops for schools to the Birchwood High School, in Bishop’s Stortford. 

The laptops will be given to disadvantaged students who are required to study from home and do not have access to the correct equipment. The laptops will enable them to continue learning as easily as any other student, while promoting recycling and sustainability in tech.

Mr Charles Gilbank, Vice Principal, Birchwood High School, met the ITVET team to accept delivery alongside Katie Horwood, Chair of the Parent Council and Secretary of the PSFA.  

Mr Gilbank spoke to ITVET about the impact this is going to have on their students: 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to ITVET, this will help us facilitate catch up for the months that have been lost and allow students to feel confident with their studies at school.  

I think initially we were looking for immediate measures to get us through COVID-19 pandemic, but we soon realised just how many children did not have access to the right equipment at home. The 10 laptops that ITVET have provide us with will be invaluable to our children and the school. 

We genuinely get a community feel from ITVET. They care about their local businesses and schools and are always doing their part – like the free WiFi they offer in the town centre” 

Left to Right: Euan Browne, Deployment Engineer, ITVET Ltd; Mrs Katie Horwood, Chair of the Parent Council and Secretary of the PSFA; Mr Charles Gilbank, Vice Principal, Birchwood High School 

Richard Fountain, Managing Director, said the response has been significant, and the scheme is here to stay: 

 “We know there are lots of businesses with laptops they no longer use. People believe that they are of no value but they are wrong. As an expert IT Services provider, we can easily breathe new life into laptops which would otherwise be scrapped.  

We encourage businesses to get involved in the scheme. Since launching in our local area, we have had interest from 10 schools, requiring nearly 100 laptops between them. And that is just here, in the area around Bishops Stortford. We know that this is happening around the UK.  

With the support of our suppliers and partners we hope to be able to extend the scheme to provide free refurbished laptops to schools throughout the UK, to help as many children as we can.” 

ITVET will take care of refurbishing all laptops donated including wiping all existing data securely. To pledge a donation and start making a difference, please click here now.

Cloud Technology: What you need to know

Win over the challenges of rapid digitalisation, by mobilising cloud-based technology and moving your company data to the cloud. Moving towards cloud-based practices and data servers will boost your IT infrastructure enabling you to focus on developing opportunities.

More and more companies are opting for cloud infrastructure, taking their organisational data as well as applications to a secure Cloud based central hub with collective access. Cloud technology is at the top of the agenda in business transformation. The resulting impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) increases the potential of this technology multifariously.  

So now, you find yourself in a position: If you don’t make the move to cloud computing, how will your company survive in the long term? 

Perhaps you are ready to make the move but don’t know where to start, then read on – we have you covered.  

What is cloud technology?  

Cloud technology has disrupted everyday business operations in every imaginable way. We are shifting away from traditional methods of document sharing – like print, emails, and USB memory sticks – towards using cloud and live-stream applications.  

Cloud facilities have everything hosted over a cluster of networks, referred to as a virtual space. This space is the storage unit for files, applications, and other enterprise resources, replacing traditional physical servers. Once the organisational infrastructure is moved to the cloud, it frees a business from the shackles of a physical location. With the huge increase in remote working it is has given the cloud a new dimension, by allowing teams to work collaboratively, and flexibly unconstrained by their geographical location or their shift patterns.  

When integrating IoT devices, cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft Azure help fetch data from each device and use it for analytics and reporting purposes.  

So, what does that mean in the real world?  

Consider that you have a business in London, and your office is the direct point of contact for employees as well as customers. If you need to work on a shared file with an employee in a different branch or city, traditionally you might have emailed the file back and forth and may have several versions of the file saved on unrelated servers, or worse still on local machines. This can lead to errors in the document with changes being hard to track, plus can be insecure. Approval workflows can also be complicated. 

Cloud technology allows data to be stored in a central server location, secured by the cloud service provider. All you need to do is grant access to the specific employees. Since the application is hosted over a virtual space, employees can log in to the server and access files 24/7 from any location in the world. Easy, right? Tools such as Microsoft 365, which includes SharePoint, allow document version control, automatic back up to the cloud and easy collaboration. This ensures that errors are reduced, and productivity is maximised, because of improved workflow and security of data. 

Now, this is just one minute aspect of cloud technology. Adopting the right cloud technology strategy has the potential to turn the tides.  

The Microsoft cloud adoption framework is a great template for creating a better cloud implementation strategy in line with your business and technology requirements. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing  

Custom access control and running the office network without being in the building seems fascinating, but is the technology worth the hype? 

Smoother and Faster Operations 

The first, most vital advantage of using cloud solutions for your business is that it inevitably helps reduce operational cost. Cloud solutions reduce end-to-end operation costs by increasing the speed of operations, resulting in a greater output. It improves communication and helps teams sync data better. There is an initial investment in infrastructure, but there after it is a pay-as-you-go system, meaning that you never have to pay more than what you use.  

Businesses can raise the quality of their services, reduce the turnaround time for tasks, and enhance processes with cloud deployment. With it, they can improve their profitability. That is why the cost of moving the entire infrastructure to Cloud is relative in the long-term. 

The ease to store and access documents online reduces paperwork. This improves communications across the business and opens access to important data which might previously have been siloed by department. Less paperwork, more efficiency and less paper, reducing your carbon footprint. 

Thankfully, cloud technology is more secure, more resilient, and fully redundant. In fact, if you plan and execute the migration effectively it will help reduce your cost of operation in the long-term. 

All in all, if you weigh up the investment against the benefits – its a win/win. 

Security at the top  

As a business, you are responsible for anything and everything that happens with the data you own. So, it is important that the IT infrastructure is robust and secure, reducing the risk of data privacy compromise. When you move your infrastructure to the cloud, you may worry that shifting data will add vulnerability.  

Cloud technology ensures end-to-end data encryption throughout transfer and storage. Cloud service providers also have inhouse IT security experts, working day in and out to monitor the network and keep it free from cyberattacks.  

The move to working from home and IOT may generate other vulnerabilities for businesses, however, there are simple tools available to protect you. This includes laptop encryption, VPN login, and Multi-factor Authentication which can be implemented quickly and easily. ITVET can work with you to provide more tools to ensure Cloud security and secure your business. 

Provide Flexibility to your Organisation

Running a business means you have multiple things to take care of. Imagine the time you have spent dealing with IT issues and data storage. How many times are you unable to focus on your customer, running the risk of losing out? This is where cloud technology can help.  

Cloud computing servers are flexible and have a team of highly skilled engineers working behind the scenes to regularly monitor the system around the clock, ensuring there are no interruptions. 

Cloud technology also delivers on scalability. If you wish to increase your bandwidth at any point, you can do it quickly and swiftly, usually at the touch of a button. 

Analytics for better decision-making through in-depth insights 

Data is of huge importance to businesses today. With every device generating tons of data each day, it is important to make sense of this data and use it to make informed business decisions.  

Cloud computing technology helps you with cloud analytics rendering custom-fit reports on organisation-wide data. This helps get in-depth insights on everything that is happening within the organisation and modifying your strategic decisions and improve performance and efficiency.  

Are ready to start transforming your business with cloud technology?  ITVET have over 12 years’ experience in delivering end-to-end cloud solutions. We have a diverse portfolio and experience in deploying cloud solutions to organisations across a multitude of industries. Get in touch today and claim your FREE IT audit. 

ITVET awarded ISO9001 Certificate: 3rd award in 3 months

ITVET has achieved accreditation to ISO9001:2015, which sets out the criteria for a quality management system, signifying their third ISO accreditation achieved within three months. This standard is based on several quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

Achieving ISO9001 reassures clients that the consistent, good-quality products and services they expect from ITVET is integrated into the fabric of the business processes.

The standard demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet client and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and offer enhanced customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Richard Fountain, Director, ITVET Ltd, commented:

As a business, continuous improvement is in our DNA – And this includes quality across all facets of the business. ITVET have been aligning to ISO9001 standard for several years and are very pleased that we made the investment to obtain certification.

We work with sophisticated steadfast organisations who partner with us because we offer resilient and sustainable solutions which are consistently implemented to the highest standards.

This third accreditation is the final ISO accreditation to be added to the existing ISO27001 and ISO22301 accreditations achieved in 2020. For ITVET, achieving ISO9001 supports a holistic approach to improvement, and is a platform to propel continuous improvement of processes and policies.

The quality system will be systematically reviewed and improved by regular auditing and monitoring and regular management reviews and follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act. methodology.

Janet Conboy, Senior Compliance Manager, said:

When we started out on this ambitious goal of achieving three ISO standards within the first half of our financial year, we knew it was going to be an ask, but we did it. The road to certification has involved a methodical review of all Core processes, Suppliers, legal requirements, internal risks etc. to ensure compliance, then a communication cascade of the revised processes to all employees to ensure consistency.

I had complete faith in the team, and we have proven beyond doubt that we are a partner that is committed to securing and improving the quality of business through our IT service provision.

Managed IT Services: What you need to know

Are you finding that your internal IT teams are getting weighed down by day-to-day IT issues? Are you lacking time to deal with pressing issues such as strategic planning, transformation, and organisational growth? If you answered yes to either of the above then outsourcing your IT to a third-party managed IT services provider (MSP) might be a great way to free up your internal resource – without taking on additional overhead in-house.

Having a managed IT services partner on hand 24/7, could be just what you need. This article will outline how to identify the best managed IT services provider for your business. Let us start with explaining what Managed IT services is.

What is a managed IT service?

IT services that have been outsourced to a third-party organisation or a managed IT service provider are referred to as the managed IT services. Unlike traditional IT services, managed IT services give providers the privilege to take strategic business decisions in addition to providing IT support to the clients. Some providers act as technology consultants to their clients and operate on a continuous contract with allocated resourcing as opposed to on-demand providers of IT support.

A leading managed IT service provider (MSP) will have a team of skilled engineers and professionals that work in partnership with the IT department of the client to create a collaborative relationship on a basis of continuous communication. An MSP can also provide managed networks services to larger organisations.

Why do you need managed IT services?

Managed IT Services can transform the way you run and operate your business. Unlike the traditional in-house IT teams, moving to managed IT services can offer many benefits.

Focus on important IT tasks

Outsourcing IT services to a third-party organisation allows you to focus on other important tasks. It can provide you clarity and objectivity that may not be available for a team emersed in day-to-day operations. As a matter of fact, the company will have more time to plan and innovate rather than worrying about their everyday IT requirements or issues.

It also gives you immediate access to a breadth of specialist IT technicians, developers, project managers etc, who have experience across industries, in providing expertise to businesses of varying scales.

Often when you move to a managed IT services model, your IT support partner will handle all relationships with your IT technology providers, including billing, purchases and contracts. This means that you no longer have multiple suppliers to manage for your leased lines, phones systems, cloud services and IT equipment – but a single point of contact, with support available 24/7 should you opt for an outsourced service desk. This reduces your admin and allows you to focus on matters that really drive your performance.

Help Mitigate IT Risks

With your data security being totally reliant on the security of your IT infrastructure, it is vitally important that your network security is robust and secured.

Understanding the constantly evolving complexities of modern technology and the ever-changing cyber security threat is a full-time job. It is not realistic for most organisations to recruit a network security specialist in-house. By outsourcing this capability, you can ensure that you are equipped with the latest relevant advice as and when you need it.

You will have security in the knowledge that you will always have someone who is available and monitoring your company’s cyber security. The team will be utilising the latest tools and technology to protect you and your clients, for example, network security, anti-virus protection, filtering, and penetration testing. In the event of a major incident, your managed IT service provider will also have a full plan for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR), this assures you and your clients that, should you face a crisis, you will be safe hands.

The MSPs take immense care about security standards like PCI and ISO compliance. They should also adhere to the standards and assure that the organisation abides by the regulations, making sure that all policies are adhered to.

Regular updates to your IT

As well as mitigating potential cyber security risks, managed IT service providers conduct regular updates to your IT equipment, and IT infrastructure. They assess and monitor the IT ecosystem making sure software is current and functioning optimally. This guarantees that your staff are always using IT equipment that enables maximum productivity and that any issues or upgrades are dealt with, with minimum impact to your staff.

Your managed service provider is well placed to select the best IT technology providers as they are experts in the field and stay informed on the latest innovations and what IT products are best value for your money.

Cost-effective IT departments

By integrating managed IT services within your business, you can uplift your efficiency and capability, whilst retaining a lower financial exposure. The wealth of knowledge and experience provisioned in a managed IT services partnership can lead to changes and improvements in process and technology that enhance your business and raise your outputs.

If you are an IT manager for your business, you will be able to concentrate on adding true value and relieve your responsibility for the day-to-day technical IT processes of your department.

Irrespective of whether you are a small-scale start-up or a well-established organisation, managed IT services offer effective solutions for all. Where an in-house team can provide a valuable conduit for internal discussions, outsourcing regulates your overall expense – making it a win-win for all.

Components of an ideal managed IT service model

Managed IT services experts help business enterprises with their IT day in and day out. But what should you be looking for from a top managed IT service provider? Here is what an ideal end-to-end IT service model should include:

A full spectrum of IT services

Make sure that the service provider you go ahead with – provides an extensive set of managed IT services outside those in your requirements. For example, an all-in-one managed IT services provider that offers end-to-end consultation on the existing network infrastructure but is also able to provide the equipment and the support to make the changes required.

Your Managed IT provider should work alongside your IT department, as an integrated part of that team, to understand the overall infrastructure and highlight the pain points to further improve the functionality of the business. By choosing a provider who has a full spectrum of IT capability you will ensure that you create a relationship with an IT partner who will continue to drive your business forward into the future.

24/7 Support Services

Your managed IT service provider should always be ready to provide support. Whether you seek to outsource your technical IT issues for resolution entirely externally or want to work in collaboration – round the clock IT technical support services will help you in making sure that your business operations never get affected because of the hired team.

Providers should offer a dedicated account representative, support service dashboards, online and telephone support, and onsite resource.

Digital transformation

Planning to migrate to the cloud or looking for cloud advisory services? Not sure whether to go for a hybrid cloud model or move all your data onto a hosted cloud?

Your managed IT services partner will be able to support you in your objectives to future proof your enterprise. They will have in-house IT experts for cloud-based solutions, helping you to modernize your IT infrastructure and migrate both data and applications to the cloud infrastructure. Preferably, they will have a separate team of professionals that work closely to identify gaps and assist you in making the move.

From consultation to Integration, implementation, management, and support, they should be able to provide all types of cloud-native solutions. By using a managed IT services partner who understands your business, you can strip out complexity and effort from an already challenging modernisation.

Network Security Review

Network security is crucial to every modern organisation, the best managed IT services providers will complete a cyber security review. By conducting an end-to-end assessment of the existing infrastructure, scanning all endpoints internally and externally testing software applications, and reporting on the robustness of the IT infrastructure – they should be able to handle everything.

Additionally, they should provide suggestions to close gaps and strengthen the IT infrastructure of your organisation – keeping you free from doubt with your data security.

Compressing your IT supply chain by providing a single point of contact

An ideal managed IT services partner must have services to fulfil all your requirements. They will be able to take on responsibility for your IT equipment suppliers or negotiate new contracts to reduce your overhead and improve your technology and productivity. They will be able to give you expert advice on the most effective partners and help design your IT services to include IT technology which works most effectively for your business. Whether it’s your telephony or VoIP solutions, leased lines or cloud software provider, your IT partner will help you build excellent business relationships and deliver outstanding customer experience through the provision of expert IT support services.

Consultation and development solutions

Whilst it is not mandatory, we think it is advantageous to choose a managed IT services provider who has this capability in-house. If you find a team that could deliver consultancy or custom development services, it will ensure that you get the most for from your partnership.

We always make sure that we are equipped with experienced leading industry engineers and software developers to help organisations develop technology and implement change smoothly and effectively. That way, we enable clients to run lean and agile IT departments in a cost-effective way.

Cost and business hours

Finally – you should make sure that the rate model followed by your chosen IT infrastructure solutions provider must match your budget and preference. If that’s not the case and you still want to go ahead with a particular team – ask if they could provide custom offers or if things are negotiable. We recommend you seek an inclusive service with a fixed budget per month to ensure that there are no hidden extras

We recommend going with a service provider with an all hours active policy. It will ensure that all your vital tasks are carried out without disrupting everyday operations. Such providers can give you an outsourced service desk and an option for 24/7 support.

The Final Word

Managed IT Service providers help businesses operate with ease by managing your IT services in their entirety. As our reliance on IT technology and software across all aspects of a business increases, the need for specialist, trustworthy support for IT services and related infrastructure is becoming imperative.

By taking care of all the aspects outlined above, a managed IT service provider can act as your technical IT support and guidance – leaving you to focus on driving your business forward. Whether it’s network design, 24/7 IT support, hardware & software management, Wi-Fi services, cloud services, communication enablement, or development – the right managed IT services partnership will improve your operations, revenue, and performance as an organisation and help your company soar.

To learn more about managed IT services and the value it can bring to your business…
Contact ITVET now and get your free IT audit.

ITVET complete the transition of managed IT support for shopping centres

Press Release: ITVET complete the transition of managed IT support for three shopping centres, recently adopted by Mapp property management. 

ITVET, were awarded the contract to transition the managed IT support for three shopping centres in UK such as at Eldon Square, Potteries Centre and Soar, Braehead, on behalf of property management agents, Mapp.

As an established managed IT support provider in the Retail sector, ITVET bring with them a wealth of experience in the property management sector. Due to exceptional circumstances, the IT services transition and upgrade project – which would normally have a minimum lead time of 6-8 weeks – was completed in just 7 days.

The project is a landmark for ITVET, achieving a rapid turnaround over multiple locations across the country. The programme allowed just 2 days on each site to fully transition all IT services, including new hardware installations and so required mobilization across the organisation.

With no prior access available, the implementation phase was planned remotely, entirely from technical documentation and network designs. ITVET had a window of just 3 hours to transfer all services, while the centres remained open throughout delivery. On top of this, there were hundreds of miles between sites, so the project role out required precision logistical planning, and left no scope for inaccuracy.

Daryl Fuller, Managing Director, ITVET group, said:

‘We were delighted to be awarded this contract by Mapp and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to work on these transitions with them. Today, the retail sector is in a state of flux, but we believe that this is the moment that will enable shopping centres to innovate, enhance and recover stronger.

For us, it was an opportunity to showcase the value ITVET brings to our customers. We provide services to around 400 shopping centres throughout the UK and Europe, so we know the market and the technology inside out. We are agile – we can mobilise quickly to deliver sophisticated, reliable managed IT services on request, and we can also offer long-term ongoing support.

In addition, we wanted to add value by transitioning and upgrading several outsourced services. We quickly simplified Mapp’s supply chain, assuring ongoing business continuity, and reducing risk by lowering the number of providers from four, down to one.

The whole transition programme was delivered on time, to budget and within the 7-day Go-Live window. It has been an enormous undertaking which has involved everyone pulling together, and we are extremely proud of the results’

By fully managing the supply chain, ITVET are guaranteeing the provision of expert support with a single point of contact. This includes Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud-based phone systems (including all lifts with a 50 port ATA), Cisco wireless networks for public and private use, switch infrastructure to service CCTV, footfall, and digital services.

ITVET also installed resilient servers with automatic failover and replication to Microsoft Azure, renewed all desktop IT hardware with high specification technology. All including 24/7 support meaning that the Owners, the management company (Mapp) and the shopping centre staff can be confident in their IT all day, everyday.

To see how ITVET can help your business, contact us here.

ITVET awarded ISO27001:2013 Certificate

Press Release: Managed IT Service provider, ITVET Ltd, achieve ISO27001:2013 for Information Security

ITVET are pleased to announce that they have achieved certification to ISO27001:2013 for Information Security. The fulfilment of this latest ISO standard substantiates ITVET’s exceptional data security practices, giving clients confidence in how security risks are managed.

With a surge in people working remotely due to the impact of Covid-19, the demand for businesses to secure their customers’ data has increased. Businesses will be looking to their managed IT service providers to ensure that vulnerability is mitigated through rigorous information security processes.

Becoming ISO27001 certified demonstrates conformity of our Information Security Management System (ISMS), providing customers with assurance regarding the security of our systems, and their data.

Head of Operations, Janet Conboy, commented:

“Information security is a primary risk for any business. With threats constantly changing and evolving, it is imperative that we are proactive in our operations to stay ahead to ensure that we provide the best security for our clients.

As a leading managed IT services provider to businesses around the UK, it is essential for our customers to know that their confidential information is secure and that any cybersecurity risks are mitigated.

Our software solutions are designed to enable our clients to harness the power of their data and so it is vital that we assure our clients that we protect that data, and with it, their company and its assets.

The ITVET ethos is grounded in dedication to continuous transformation. We have always placed information security at the centre of that and the ISO27001 certification is the highest standard in information security – offering our clients peace of mind and guaranteeing a partner who is dedicated to data security management.”

The international standard for implementation, management, and maintenance of information security within a company, is the latest ISO standard to be achieved by the company and follows the successful completion of ISO22301:2019 earlier this month. The final standard to be achieved will be ISO9001:2015 Quality management standard, which we aim to achieve by the end of 2020.

How to resolve Connectivity Issues when you are working remotely

Over the past 7 months, there has been a shift in the way we work. A large proportion of the working population has adopted remote working, and that has led to us all having to create the right environment for work, within our homes.

One of the most common challenges with home working is ensuring Connectivity Issues does not let you down for important Zoom calls or Teams meetings with clients.

If you have been having Connectivity Issues, here are our top 5 tips to get you back online quickly:

  1. Establish what you are using to connect your laptop to enable you to work remotely: This could be a VPN (virtual private network). It’s easy to forget to connect when you are rushing to login. Double checking you have connected to a VPN should be your first step.

  2. Check your WiFi connection: Is your ethernet cable connected to your laptop or are you connected via your WiFi router? If you are connected via WiFi, and you have recently started working from home, check that you are in a position your WiFi signal can reach. Opening doors or moving to a position nearer the router can help in the short term. Otherwise, check your WiFi password or contact your network provider in case of local outage. The best way to work from home would be using a wired connection direct into the router with an ethernet cable.

  3. Reboot your router and laptop to give your systems a refresh: An IT Technicians go to advice – turn it off and on again. This is often the solution. Once your laptop is back up and running, reconnect to your WiFi hub, and see if the problem is resolved.

  4. Internet still not working? Find out if anyone is streaming movies, downloading content or playing online games. Internet speeds can drop if your local WiFi connection is congested. Disconnect any devices that are contributing to heavy usage (you can reconnect these later).

  5. Check your internet speed at – For the best working experience you are looking for a download speed of 10Mbps and an upload of 5Mbps.

    Still experiencing Connectivity Issues? It may be that you require a signal booster to enable you to work effectively in your area. Email us directly at [email protected], for more information.

ITVET awarded ISO22301:2019 Certificate

Press Release: Managed IT Service provider, ITVET Ltd, achieve ISO22301:2019 for Security and Resilience in Business Continuity Management.

ITVET Ltd have been awarded ISO22301:2019 certification for Security and Resilience in Business Continuity Management (BCM). This certification signifies ITVET’s continued commitment to assure the safety and quality of mission critical services to the retail, property, pharmaceutical and human resources sectors, at a time of significant ongoing concern for businesses globally.

To meet the criteria, ITVET were required to conduct an in-depth review of all critical activities; mapping risks and their impact and creating a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This included a full supply chain review,ensuring that all partners compliant. Accomplishing ISO22301 secures our supply chain, along with our hosted software, communications platforms, DNS records, financials, facilities, and staff. It enables an improved response to unexpected and disruptive incidents, by documenting and preparing for response – securing our unparalleled service to our customers.

The continuous improvement system aligns our ethos with our procedures and provides a foundation to ensure we propel forward our goals to lead the way in the IT managed service sector.

Richard Fountain, Managing Director, commented: 

“We are delighted that we have just achieved ISO accreditation for ISO22301 Business Continuity Planning (BCP). As a provider of essential, mission critical technology services we have always placed BCP at the forefront of everything we do and gaining the ISO22301 further underlines the quality and resilience of the services we provide. 

We are proud of the hard work and commitment of all our colleagues in helping us consistently achieve, but also surpass the standards required to be accredited by the scheme. 

Covid-19 has already created significant challenges for our customers, and we want to make sure that we are offering the highest standards of service possible to ensure that we are able to mitigate risk by ensuring that their IT provisions are safe and secure. “ 

This is the first in a programme of accreditations which aims to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in the provision of services to clients. We are now working towards ISO27001:2017 Information security standard, and ISO9001:2015 Quality management standard, which we aim to achieve by the end of 2020.

UltraHR Infection Control Feature Release

Press Release: Returning to a ‘New Normal’ at Work: UltraHR Adds New Infection Control Feature to HR Software to help fight COVID-19

Businesses across the United Kingdom have been adversely affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus and the introduction of strict lockdown measures in March 2020. With non-essential business premises now being encouraged by the Government to open their doors and resume trading from 15th June, owners and HR Managers are facing growing concerns about how they can keep their workforce safe.

The good news is: UltraHR has got it covered. With a brand-new Infection Control and Alerting feature, you can use your UltraHR software to screen employees across the whole company.

So how does it work?

Gone are the days of calling up your boss to report sick. UltraHR is a mobile-enabled sickness app that records symptoms, absence and lateness and alerts management automatically.

The advanced tracking features of this HR software make it easy for Managing Directors to quickly identify symptoms of Coronavirus in the workplace and reduce the risk of spreading the disease further. If an employee displays symptoms of COVID-19, for example, they are told by their app to self-isolate and seek medical advice. Meanwhile, Management can instantly notify colleagues via text and email of any contamination at their place of work, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the wider team.

The alerting system uses prompts to assess an individual’s suitability to return to work. For instance, the software will trigger them to answer questions about their health and any symptoms they might have experienced during the last 48 hours. According to their responses, the app will either ask the person to stay at home or will notify them that a member of staff will be in contact to discuss their return. As well as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers, the software also enables employees to provide more detailed information about the nature of their illness.

As we begin to return to this ‘new normal’, we must also find ways to effectively manage time and resources. At just the touch of a button, employees using the UltraHR software package can alert their managers that they are running late using their mobile device. Captured data can then be used to produce powerful insights into individuals’ attendance patterns as well as assess a team or department as a whole. Lateness frequency, common reasons for absence and the amount of work time lost are among some of the statistics that may be logged and used to identify ways to maximise staff efficiency.

“UltraHR is simple to use and provides us with an overview of personnel status at the touch of a button. We are able to oversee our staff from one dashboard and keep on top of everything we need to, streamlining our HR management.” – Leitz (UltraHR client)

For more information, visit or get in touch with the lovely UltraHR team on 01279 464470.

UltraHR HR Software Sickness Infection Control