Hotel Check-In System

An intelligent and flexible Hotel Checking-In System

Hotel Check-In System

Maximise your front desk operations and simplify the check in process for your guests and your reception team with our bespoke Checking-In System. With real time integration with PMS, comprehensive search features, pre-populated checking in forms based on the bookings, signature capture, customisable designs and more, you can streamline your checking in operation.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Pre-Populated Check-In Forms

Having pre-populated Check-In Forms for your guests to complete based on their booking details will save time and streamline the checking in process. Guests can easily amend any of the information if it is incorrect or has changed since booking.

Comprehensive Search Function

EntireHotel allows you to search through a complete list of that day's arrivals, or through a full history of all check ins and bookings. Easily see at a glance who is and who isn't checked in or any guests who haven't arrived.

Tailored to You

Your checking in tablet can be completely customised to fit your branding, or to add or remove certain fields. You can easily update your branding at any time using the web portal. Check ins can also be automatically emailed to your reception team.