Public Wi-Fi

Our fully hosted and managed public and corporate Wi-Fi solutions can run separately alongside or be fully integrated into your existing systems and also include options to inject or remove content from a website throughout the entire user experience. With our comprehensive, scalable policy management solutions, you always stay in control of who sees what, when and how, with great data capture opportunities, plus authentication methods to suit your customers. Our solutions also include detailed analytics for informed decision-making and exciting opportunities through our leading edge content and ad-serving platform.

“These days Free Public WI-Fi is expected rather than hoped for”

The huge rise in the use of “Smart” mobile phones mean that Wi-Fi is no longer just for laptop users in coffee bars and restaurants. The growth of free Wi-Fi in public buildings is increasing rapidly to try and keep pace with demand.



• Drive more customers
• A fantastic marketing toolpublic_wifi
• A bespoke solution for your centre
• Linked to your website/Facebook page
• Generate revenue from advertising
• Single hot spot to complete coverage
• Engage visitors, increase sales
• Compile visitor data and statistics

Hot Spots Cover The Key Areas Only:

• Coffee Bars
• Food or Restaurant Areas
• Seating Areas
• Promotional Areas
• Drive Shoppers to Quiet areas


Multiple Hotspots

Cover The Majority of a Site:

• Meshed Access Points
• 70-90% coverage
• Better Shopper Retention
• Increased Sales
• Drive Shoppers to Quiet areas

Infrastructure Grade WI-Fi

Complete Coverage:

• 100% Coverage
• Multiple Networks (VLANs)
• Secure Internal Communications
• Centre Intranet
• Additional services
• Tenants’ Internet Accessgrad-wifi
• Additional Revenue Streams grade-Wi-Fi



Additional Services:

• Internal messaging and announcements (mobile/PC/Tablet/SMS)
• Tenant portal for document storage etc.
• Sales reporting and visitor statistics
• Unique In-house communication for security, to replace Walkie-Talkies
• Track/filter users via unique mac address
• Provide Internet access for short term lets
• Centre Intranet for shoppers

“Create something for tomorrow today”


Wi-Fi Analytics

Comprehensive analytics portal – the ITVET public Wi-Fi and analytics solution provides you with valuable sales and marketing insight, with near real-time updates and analysis.