Data Analytics

Insight into your Town Centre's performance and analytics

Data Analytics

RetailReport is a revolutionary tool that automatically collects, analyses and shapes data from Town Centres. It allows you to see all of the data from your Town Centre in one place, such as Footfall, Car Parking Figures, Public Wi-Fi Statistics and more.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Detailed Reporting

Excel Spreadsheets become a thing of the past with RetailReport. Painstakingly creating spreadsheets, inputting and analysing the data is tedious, which is why RetailReport collects, analyses and shapes your Town Centre's data into reports automatically.

24/7 Monitoring

RetailReport monitors your Town Centre's systems and services around the clock, alerting you to any issues there may be, such as car parking machines not working.

Greater Insight

With RetailReport, you can gain insights into your Town Centre like never before. Easily see at a glance data collected by the service and receive automatic reports on KPIs such as Footfall, Public Wi-Fi, Car Parking and more.