Microsoft Office 2007 No Longer Supported From Oct 2017


As a part of a process to increase security and help users to keep up to date with the latest software editions, Microsoft have announced that on October 31st 2017, Office 365 users will no longer have support for the Microsoft Office 2007 application. If you currently use Office 2007, and more specifically Outlook 2007, then you will no longer be able to continue to use this software to access your email from this date.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft, as with all software vendors, are under increasing pressure to combat cyber security threats. As a result, Microsoft is keen to ensure users are working from the most up to date software. As software products reach 10 years old they are now retired from support and will no longer receive patches/updates and will become more vulnerable to security threats. The same process was recently undertaken with Windows XP and Server 2003.

What happens on this date?

Users with Office 2007 will no longer be able to use their Office 365 email accounts in Outlook 2007. Users may also suffer incompatibility and synchronisation issues if they use Microsoft SharePoint Online or Microsoft OneDrive with Office 365.

How can I get up to date and avoid this issue?

Please speak to us to look at the upgrade path available to you. There are a number of options available to upgrade to the latest Office platforms, via one-off purchase, recurring annual, or monthly licensing.

Read the full Microsoft’s full announcement here.

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