Laptops for Schools

We provide refurbished laptops to schools and other organisations to tackle digital exclusion and create more inclusive environments.

Primary School Children Using Donated Laptops
SSIP Certification

Company laptop donations

If your company has working laptops, PCs, or tablets that it no longer needs, please help us make a different and donate them to our Laptops for Schools scheme.

Please note: We can only accept devices that are in good serviceable condition and the operating system must be Windows 10 or later.
ITVET Laptop Donation To Birchwood High School

The process is simple


Old laptops are collected from local businesses​.


All data is securely wiped from the laptops​.


A certificate of destruction is issued. It’s worth £50, but we provide one free of charge.


The laptops are fully refurbished​.


The laptops are donated to local schools and charities​.

Request laptops

If your school or charity requires laptops or other digital devices, please get in touch. We’ll add you to our waiting list, and as soon as anything becomes available, we’ll be in touch to arrange a delivery.

Teacher Standing Outside Her School Holidng A Laptop

We’re extremely grateful for the laptops which will make a huge difference to our cohort.

Allan Paltzer
Harris Academy

Help bridge the digital divide

We understand the challenges of digital exclusion for young people, which is why we’ve made it our mission to make a difference. Our Laptops for Schools initiative places laptops in the hands of people who need them the most.

​Technology has an amazing impact on what we can achieve, but not everyone has equal access to it. By donating your company’s unwanted laptops, you can help us bridge the technology divide to give our children equal chances in life.​

Harris Academy Students Holding New Laptops

Achieve IT sustainability​

The UK is one of the largest producers of electronic waste in the world. When laptops are dumped into a landfill, toxic substances can be released into the soil and water.

​​Our Laptops for Schools initiative extends the life of your old laptop, saving it from being scrapped, dumped, or landfilled. By donating your company’s unwanted laptops, you can fulfil your environmental commitment and reduce your carbon footprint.​

An ITVET Engineer Fixing IT Equipment

Other ways to donate

Help us give children the education they deserve. 

Pile Of SSD Drives

Cash donations for SSD drives

If you don’t have any old laptops, but you still want to help, you can make a cash donation towards the purchase of new Solid State Drives (SSDs).​

Installing new SSDs will help us quickly scale up our operation and improve the performance of the laptop donations. ​

ITVET Employee Donates Laptops To A School

Donate as you buy

Upgrade your company laptops with ITVET and for each one purchased we’ll refurbish and donate it to a school or charity of your choice.​

We provide state-of-the-art laptops from leading brands such as Apple, Dell, and HP for the best performance and reliability. You can buy your laptops outright or as a monthly service with ongoing support and maintenance.​

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