Who we are

Our mission is to sustainably deliver world-leading IT support and technology solutions with exceptional customer service while caring for our people and planet.

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Our story

Founded in 2007, ITVET has grown into a world-leading IT support and technology solutions provider.

We specialise in IT support for the commercial property industry, including shopping centres, smart buildings, and hotels. Our impressive client portfolio includes blue-chip property management companies such as JLL, Savills, and The Crown Estate.

Meanwhile, our in-house development team provides revolutionary software solutions to help your business run more efficiently and smoothly. This includes Retail Report, our retail analytics and management software, that’s used by some of the largest shopping centres in the UK.

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We do things differently at ITVET

People First is our philosophy. It’s not just words, it’s the way we do things. It’s about putting clients and colleagues at the heart of what we do.

Our strategy is to grow organically and sustainably while investing profits back into our community. Everything we do at ITVET focuses on our clients and adding value to our local community.

As well as our clients, colleagues, and community, we also consider the impact of our business operations on the environment. We’re industry leaders on environmental and sustainability matters, and we’re always working on new ways to do better.

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Our Values

We apply our core values to everything we do. They’re at the heart of our business and come before profit and growth.

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We place our environmental commitments at the heart of our business operations and processes.

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Circular economy

We employ a circular economy business model wherever possible, saving precious resources.

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We’re passionate about giving back to the community through our charity initiatives.

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Our people

We put our people first in everything we do. We believe that happy people give their best work.​

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Ethics & integrity

The main objective of running our business is to do good rather than just generate profits and growth.

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Our Values

We apply our core values to everything we do. They’re at the heart of our business and come before profit and growth.

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Our software

Retail Report is an intelligent software solution to drive your shopping centre’s performance and improve operational efficiencies. We’ve built our software with cutting-edge technology to ensure the best resiliency, uptime, and scalability.

Stortford Heroes Charity Logo

ITVET have created a charity, Stortford Heroes, to give back to our community and recognise our unsung heroes who often go unnoticed.

The charity’s goal is to benefit our local community by organising fundraising and community initiatives.

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Laptops for Schools

The aim of Laptops for Schools is to tackle digital exclusion in education while supporting a circular economy. Laptops for Schools is still making an impact post-lockdown thanks to the continued support from businesses who donate their unwanted laptops.

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We work in harmony with our environment

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    We’re ISO 14001:2015 certified for environmental management
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    We actively reduce our consumption with initiatives like paperless working
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    Sustainable processes are business as usual for us
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    We provide free environmental consultations
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    We actively support a circular economy
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    Our technology enables all buildings to become more energy efficient
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    We’ve reduced our travel and carbon footprint

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