Smart building cyber security solutions

Keep your smart building secure and operational with multi-layered protection​

Our smart building cyber security solutions offer high-level protection against cyber threats. We protect your building with multiple layers of physical security, cyber security, and data encryption. This includes 24/7 monitoring to quickly detect and fix any vulnerabilities before they’re breached.

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Proactive solutions to keep your ahead of the risk​


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Why is cyber security important for smart buildings?​

Cyber security is important for smart buildings because the technologies used to operate the buildings provide gateways for cyber criminals. An attack could potentially be fatal – Preventing your smart building from operating and causing a severe impact on business for you and your tenants.

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The three elements of cyber security for smart buildings ​


Resilient infrastructure​

  • All our networks are highly specified with best-in-class hardware.
  • We build resilient and robust networks with self-healing capabilities and a backup in case of network failures. ​
  • We segment your network and limit access, so if there’s a breach it will only impact a small pocket rather than the whole network.
  • We prevent cyber threats and phishing attacks with market-leading email security solutions.
  • We use only trusted and highly rated communication providers.​
  • Our services are all stored in the highly resilient Microsoft Azure platform. ​
  • Our smart building management software is built with a microservices architecture that enables it to keep running even if part of it breaks. ​

Privacy & data protection​

  • Robust data privacy policies are wrapped around all our smart building services. ​
  • We work to the “Principle of Least Privilege” ensuring that people can only access things they need for their job.  
  • Our engineers are trained on how to handle personal data.​
  • Our systems track and monitor all third-party actions to detect unusual activity. ​
  • Our data storage and systems are fully GDPR compliant to handle data interrogation, right to be forgotten, and data subject access requests within the correct timescales.​
  • In our compliance centre, we check all information security settings, test them, tweak them, and audit them right across our systems at any time.

Business continuity ​

  • We design resilient smart building strategies that create operationally efficient buildings with minimal downtime.
  • We have a dedicated incident management team, working to ITIL standards. ​They monitor your building 24/7 looking for unusual activity. 
  • Our smart building services utilise the cloud, allowing you to manage your smart building systems from anywhere.​
  • We’re highly accredited and use our expertise to increase your building’s resilience. We can support you to attain your own ISO 22301 status for business continuity.
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Why work with us

Your trusted tech partner for all your cyber security needs


We’re smart building experts

We have a specialist team of smart building experts, including WiredScore Accredited Professionals (APs) who have helped create award-winning smart buildings. We combine our extensive expertise with innovative technology to create smarter buildings that drive efficiency and energy savings.


Fully accredited and certified

We’re fully accredited and certified with world-class certifications including ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) and ISO 22301:2019 Security and Resilience.


Single point of contact

We directly collaborate with all your suppliers to ensure the technical integrations go smoothly. Having one supplier that deals with everything makes life easier so you can focus on your core business activities.


Industry-leading cyber security solutions

We partner with industry-leading experts and vendors to deliver the most robust and resilient cyber security solutions.

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