Hotel phone systems

Give your guests a 5-star experience with a reliable phone system

Our bespoke hotel phone systems provide everything you need for seamless communications and improved efficiency. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and say hello to a cloud-based solution with advanced features, and enhanced security. All our hotel telephone systems are fully supported with a 24/7, UK-based help desk for complete peace of mind.

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ISO 14001
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Key benefits of our hotel telephone systems​


Enhance your guest experience

Our hotel telephone systems allow you to deliver a first-class customer service that will delight your guests. They come with advanced features that add value to impress guests and make you stand out from the competition.​


Boost your team’s productivity

Our phone systems for hotels are reliable and efficient. They seamlessly integrate with your hotel systems such as your CRM or PMS systems to improve operational efficiencies and team productivity.​


Save money

Our VoIP cloud-based telephone systems for hotels are a lot cheaper than traditional phone lines, especially for international calls.


Advanced security

Our hotel phone systems use encrypted networks for high-level security to protect your guests and your business.​


Easily scalable

Our phone systems for hotels are easily scalable as your business grows and your needs change. New users and hardware can easily be added to your system.​

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Feature-rich hotel telephone systems tailored to your exact needs

  • Door entry phones
  • Voicemail boxes for guests
  • Automated wake up calls
  • Call queuing
  • Video conference calls
  • Microsoft Teams intergration
  • Call recording
  • Check in and check out facilities
  • CRM intergration

A seamless end-to-end process



We get to know your requirements including how many phones you need and what features you require. This allows us to create a bespoke hotel phone system tailored to your exact needs and determine the best way we can support you.


On-site audit

We visit your hotel to complete a full audit to prepare for the installation of your hotel telephone system. We inspect everything that needs to be set up on your phone system including lift intercoms, car park intercoms, and door entry systems.


Design & installation​​

Our phone systems for hotels are carefully designed for the best performance and reliability. The installation process is closely managed by a dedicated project manager to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to your hotel guests.


Management ​& maintenance​​

We manage and maintain your hotel phone system, providing updates whenever necessary to ensure that it continues to perform at its best.


24/7 monitoring & support​​

24/7 monitoring allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve issues before your guests experience a disruption. This is backed with a 24/7, UK-based service desk for complete peace of mind.













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Why work with us

Your trusted tech partner for all your communication needs


Bespoke phone systems designed specifically for hotels

We have a highly certified team of experts who have extensive experience in providing high-quality telephone systems for hotels. Our technical expertise coupled with a solid understanding of your industry allows us to create tailored solutions that meet the needs and challenges unique to the hotel industry. ​​


360-degree support

We provide 360-degree support that covers all your IT and communication needs. As well as hotel phone systems, we can provide IT support, WiFi, and much more.


Out of hours support

Hotels are a 24/7 business. This is why we provide a 24/7, UK-based service desk all year round to keep your hotel running smoothly around the clock. ​


Single point of contact

As your technology partner, we become your single point of contact and liaise directly with third-party vendors. Having one supplier that deals with everything makes life easier so you can focus on your keeping your hotel guests happy.

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