How we support a circular economy

Sustainable business practices are a key step to stopping the damage to our planet. Eco-friendly businesses like ours have a chance to minimise climate change and its damaging influence on the environment, economies, and our everyday life.

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ITVET's Reusable Items

Minimising waste

We reduce our levels of waste across all our sites. For example, as a paperless office, printing is only done when necessary and notes are taken digitally. We also limit single-use items like plastic bottles by providing our team with reusable items.


  • Use electronic files where possible
  • Reduce the amount of junk mail
  • Reduce use of single-use plastics


  • Reuse containers and packaging
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Reuse paper for printing draft copies


  • Repurpose items whenever possible
  • Find innovative ways to extend the natural lifespan of items we use

Our proactive approach to recycling

We’re strong advocates for a circular economy that extends the usable life of everyday items, rather than simply sending them to landfills. As part of our commitment, we partnered with the BBC to launch our “Laptops for Schools” initiative.

Symbol Of ITVET's Recycling Policy

Circular economy conscious procurement

Single-use items are not an option

  • In 2010 we stopped using single-use cups and plastic water bottles.
  • We’ve invested in reusable crockery and cutlery for our team events.
  • Every purchase we make is with a view to the quality and longevity of the item.

Providing our team with flasks can avoid 7,630 single-use coffee cups

Community Fridge – Reduces food waste

  • We’re leading a project to set up a community fridge in our local community.
  • We’ll rescue waste food from supermarkets and share goods within our community, reducing food waste.
  • This will help local supermarkets avoid sending food to landfills.

This project will make free food available to over 41,000 people

Recycling is our business as usual

  • Our offices have clearly signed recycling points.
  • We analyse what waste we create and make productive changes.
  • We recently introduced a crisp packet bin so they can be collected separately and sent away for recycling.

ITVET recycle up to 30 tonnes of waste per year

ITVET has donated over 1,000 digital devices to local schools and charities

Harris Academy Receives Laptop Donations

We are extremely grateful for the laptops which will make a huge difference to our cohort.

Allan Parker

Harris Academy

Laptops for Schools process


Old laptops are collected from local businesses.


All information & settings are confidentially destroyed.


A destruction certificate is issued. The certificate is worth £50, but we provide one completely free of charge.


The laptops are fully refurbished & tested.


The laptops are distributed to local schools and charities.

Enabling kids to enhance their learning

We understood the challenges of digital exclusion for young and vulnerable people across the UK. Our Laptops for Schools scheme helps break down the barriers to digital inclusion by placing laptops and digital devices into the hands of the people who need them most. Many students may not have access to digital devices, so donating working laptops to schools enables them to become digitally included.

Our Laptops for Schools Campaign was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable children to continue distance learning from home. We’ve already helped many schools around the UK, but the technology shortage is ongoing.

Find out more about laptops for schools

Breaking down the barriers to digital inclusion

Who does digital exclusion mainly affect?

  • Domestic violence victims
  • The elderly
  • People living in rural areas
  • People in social housing
  • Lower-income families
  • People with disabilities
  • Homeless people
  • People whose first language isn’t English

Digital exclusion

When a section of the population, particularly minority groups, have unequal access to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).

Digital transformation

Digital technology has transformed how we work, how our children are taught, and how our lives function now. Technology has had an amazing impact on what we can now achieve, but not everyone is connected. This prevents everyone from having the same opportunities and living fulfilled lives in our digital world.

11.9 million people (22% of the population) do not have the digital skills needed for everyday life in the UK.

Our digital inclusion projects

blonde woman using laptop

Free town WiFi

In 2013, we installed a free public WiFi service in Bishop’s Stortford town centre. This has been a huge success, giving everyone access to the internet when they’re in town.

Young Girl With Her Brand New Laptop

Laptops for Schools

During the COVID-19 crisis a lot of children didn’t have access to a laptop or PC at home to allow them to continue their education. This led to the launch of our Laptops for Schools campaign.

someone using a laptop

Inclusive educational content

Our company blog is an educational resource for everyone with articles on topics such as the digital divide, cyber security advice, technology updates, and more. We avoid unnecessary jargon, ensuring that anyone can learn from it.

A Lady Delivering Digital Training To A Younger Woman

Digital training

We provided free IT support to our 2021 Charity of the Year, Wiggly Willow. This included a new website and social media training, enabling them to spread the message about their incredible work.

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