A person making a homemade card for Cards for Bravery

Stortford Heroes: Introducing our first nominated hero, Katie Callaghan

On Saturday 16th of July 2022, Bishop’s Stortford will gather on Sworders Field for a ‘Party in the Park.’ There will be live music, local food vendors, and community stalls. This community event celebrates the people who go above and beyond for our local area, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can nominate a hero; someone who serves our community, someone who cares for others, or someone who has overcome a personal hurdle. In this article, we will focus on our first nominated hero: Katie Callaghan, Founder of Cards for Bravery.  

Katie, the Founder of Cards for Bravery

About Katie Callaghan

Katie is 19 years old and has grown up in Bishop’s Stortford. She has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and a number of other chronic illnesses. What impacts her most day-to-day is having Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, which is caused by EDS. She relies on a central line into her heart to receive nutrition via her bloodstream. Chatting to Katie, it was apparent these circumstances do not dictate her perspective on life. She has a positive outlook, and her charity work is evidence of this.  

Throughout Katie’s life, she has spent a lot of time in hospital. It was during a four-month-long hospital stay when she was 13 years old that a new idea sparked.

The formation of Cards for Bravery

Katie understands what life in hospital is like for a child. She’s been there. She described how it can often feel like the world is going by without you, and it’s very isolating. At the age of 13, during a hospital stay, Katie’s friend sent her a card. It was signed by everyone in her class at school. This card had a profound impact on her mood and outlook. She knew her friends were thinking of her, the messages in the card encouraged her to stay strong. It made her feel emotionally a lot better.

Katie when she was younger

Setting up the charity

Katie had the idea of making and distributing cards to children and teenagers in hospital. It would be an opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face and make their day whilst they were in hospital receiving treatment. It was 2015, she set up a Facebook and Instagram page and began to organise cards.

The work of the charity

  • They make homemade cards to send to children and teenagers in hospital and for children being cared for at home.
  • They have a huge Christmas card campaign for the children and teenagers who spend Christmas in hospital.
  • They send personalised Bravery Packages – A Bravery Package is essentially a care package for a selected individual between the ages of 2-21 with a long-term illness.  The charity research to see what the individual’s interests and passions are and fill a box of gifts for them. Even the box is covered with encouraging messages.
  • They are currently in the process of creating activity packs for different age groups. They are full of age-appropriate puzzles, challenges, and fun activities. These are designed to keep the individual entertained during their time in hospital.
  • During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cards for Bravery created cards for the doctors and nurses on the front line of the hospital wards.

The charity: then vs now

The charity began with Katie. Her hospital stays and school commitments meant she often had to take breaks from charity work. In recent years, more people have got involved and the charity has grown.

Since the beginning of Cards for Bravery, the charity has distributed over 11,000 cards. 1500 of them have been in the last year alone. There is a much bigger volunteer team that is currently involved. Their job roles vary from card makers, social media marketers, to administration. They distribute cards to 12 hospitals currently. Moving forward, Katie hopes to increase the number of hospitals the cards get sent to.

Cards for Bravery highlights

Katie described how running Cards for Bravery has thoroughly enriched her life. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing she’s helping thousands of people through her charity mission. Katie explained how it has given her a purpose, even on days when she is physically struggling, she can achieve a task from bed that pushes forward the charity’s progress. Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed:

  • In 2021, the English Stamp Company released a line of stamps inspired by Cards for Bravery.
  • In 2019, Katie won the Child of Courage Award in the Bishop’s Stortford Indies Awards


  • In 2017, Katie was one of the 10 finalists for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Awards. She went to Kensington Palace to meet Prince William, Prince Harry, and many other famous faces.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Cards for Bravery

The pandemic unfortunately halted some of the great efforts of the charity. Hospitals couldn’t accept packages due to hygiene safety concerns. Katie described how difficult it was knowing how many children were in the paediatric wards with limited visitors. Playrooms were shut and toys couldn’t be shared around.

The Cards for Bravery team kept making cards waiting for when it was safe to distribute them to hospitals. This situation encouraged them to make the laminated activity packs as they can easily be wiped down and used again.


How can you get involved to help?

If you want to assist the great work Cards for Bravery, you can do so in five ways:

  • Donate
  • Buy some card-making supplies of Card for Bravery’s wish list.
  • Make some cards and send them to the charity’s postal address. Take a look at the card guidelines.
  • Share the great work Cards for Bravery does. If you know someone who loves to make cards, direct them to Cards for Bravery .
  • Become a regular volunteer.  

The community will come together for a ‘Party in The Park’ on Saturday 16th July to celebrate the great work of local heroes like Katie.

Do you have someone in mind who does great work for our community? Nominate them for a Stortford Heroes award.

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Press Release: ITVET clean up Bishop’s Stortford

On Saturday the 4th September, ITVET hosted a litter pick event around the Bishop’s Stortford area.

Bishop’s Stortford based technology solutions provider, ITVET Ltd, hosted a local litter pick on Saturday 4th September, as part of their commitment to the environment and giving back to the community.

The team filled up 12 bags of rubbish from the streets of Bishop’s Stortford. Starting from their head office on London Road, they targeted the train station, bus interchange, main high street, and Sworder’s Field.

ITVET litter pick around Bishop's Stortford

Managing Director of ITVET Ltd, Richard Fountain, said: “I’m grateful to all our employees who gave up their Saturday morning to pick up litter in our town. After positive feedback from the local community, we are looking forward to holding regular litter picks.”

This event is part of ITVET’s corporate social responsibility to the local community. As well as the litter pick, the company also supports local charities, provides the town’s free public Wi-Fi, and they are organising Stortford Heroes – Party in the Park on 23rd July 2022 at Sworder’s Field.

ITVET will be welcoming community members to future litter picks. If you would like to get involved contact [email protected] or reach out to Tidy Up Bishop’s Stortford.

stortford heroes party in the park

Press Release: Party in the Park to celebrate Bishop’s Stortford community heroes

ITVET are thrilled to announce the launch of Stortford Heroes – Party in the Park.

On Saturday 16th July 2022, Sworders Field, Bishop’s Stortford, will host a day of live music, local food vendors, and community stalls in recognition of our local heroes.

The event will be hosted in honour of the people who go above and beyond to serve our community. Giving thanks to our most deserving members, as well as raising awareness of those who are most vulnerable. 

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how much we depend on and need the support of people and organisations. Whether they are NHS workers, emergency services, caregivers, charitable organisations, or just everyday individuals who dedicate their time and resources to helping others. 

Richard Fountain, Managing Director at ITVET comments ”This event is set to be like no other. We see this as a true collaboration of our local community. Celebrating the organisations and people who give so much, but so often go unmentioned. This is their time to shine.” 

Richard continues ” This is a unique opportunity for everyone in our local community to come together and say a massive thank you! It really will be a day to remember.” 

‘Stortford Heroes – Party in the Park’ will serve as a true ‘Freepurposing’ example for the Bishop’s Stortford area. The event will rely on the kindness and generosity of local people and organisations to contribute and bring the event to life. 

ITVET has pledged a starting fund of £50,000, along with the resources and skills of their employees. Additionally, Bishop’s Stortford Town Council has also donated the use of the Sworders Field without charge. 

As an event that is not commercially motivated, we are now looking for local suppliers and businesses to sign up and contribute toward the day. We welcome all manner of skills, expertise, and donations. 

The event will be free to attend, with registration for suppliers and volunteers now open. If you would like to register your interest or would like further information, visit www.stortfordheroes.co.uk

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Recap: ITVET Conqueror Everest challenge for our charity of the year

It was announced in May 2021 that Wiggly Willow is ITVET’s nominated charity of the year! Sitting in the heart of Bishop’s Stortford, Wiggly Willow are a café that delivers work experience and training for adults with special needs. At ITVET, we invest in our local community. We noticed the great work of the not-for-profit organisation Wiggly Willow and we wanted to say thank you. We provide full IT support for our charity of the year. This entails assisting them in creating a new website, sharing our digital skills, and providing network connectivity. We also fundraise in any way we can for the organisation. This takes us back to our June challenge.

Planning our challenge

As a team, we embarked on a walking challenge. We set our expectations high. Only one challenge matched these expectations. It had to be Mount Everest.

Mount Everest during a sun set

A reality check

With a global pandemic and work commitments standing in our way, we had to think outside of the box. While we wouldn’t reach the top of the world’s highest mountain in person, we could still walk the 8,849 m, virtually.

The Mount Everest virtual challenge

We used a challenge created by The Conqueror. The virtual app based challenge tracks the miles you rack up. Whether that’s from walking, cycling, or running. Each step was progress towards reaching the summit of the world’s highest peak.

The team could digitally see each other’s progress and locate their steps on the map of Everest. At the end of the challenge, everyone who completed the 40 miles was awarded a medal.

The Conqueror challenge medal

Setting off on June 1st

The sights of Everest vs home

Throughout the month of June, we pushed ourselves to meet our team target. During the journey, we explored the virtual surroundings of Everest on street view using The Conqueror app. Our team also got to explore new local routes as they clocked up their challenge steps. Whilst our local views didn’t match the Himalayan Mountain Range, there were still some amazing sights to be seen.

Sights from the charity walk


There was plenty of encouragement from our team during the challenge via Microsoft Teams. We encouraged our families, friends, and pets to join us on our walks. Our team shared screenshots when key milestones were hit.

A nostalgic experience

For one member of the team, this was a familiar experience. Our Senior Marketing Manager, Michelle (pictured below), had previously made the iconic journey to the base camp of Everest 16 years earlier.

Our Senior Marketing Manager at Everest base camp

Michelle enjoyed seeing her progress in street view of Everest and receiving postcards when she hit her milestones.

Postcards from the journey up Mount Everest

The results of our charity challenge

Impact on Wiggly Willow

The team raised £460 for the charity. This money will contribute toward the great service Wiggly Willow provides. Wiggly Willow is currently moving into bigger premises and increasing the support they give to members of the community. The money we raise over the year will help their great efforts.

Planting trees

The Conqueror virtual challenge app plants a tree for every 20% of the challenge completed. With 14 of us participating, our team have helped to plant 70 trees! This provided fantastic encouragement throughout the challenge. The Conqueror has already planted 450,000 trees since August 2020.

The environmental impact of the Conqueror challenge

This event was the first of many fundraising opportunities for our nominated charity of the year, Wiggly Willow. It was an enjoyable experience that brought our team together and pushed us to get outside and move. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising, you can do so here.

Notification the challenge is complete

people packing food tins in cardboard boxes

Press Release: ITVET gifts Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank IT support in their busiest year

ITVET has partnered with Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank to provide a laptop and IT support, during the Food Bank’s busiest year to date.

ITVET are a national technology and IT support provider with offices in Bishop’s Storford. ITVET have a  commitment to their local community to use technology to help people and enhance Bishop’s Stortford. They gifted the Food Bank IT Support and a laptop to show their appreciation for all the work they do to support the local community.

Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank provide food and care packages to people in the local community who may be dealing with a crisis, or just living on a stretched budget day-to-day. Managed by a Board of Trustees and a Coordinator, the Foodbank liaise with local agencies to understand how to allocate the food and care packages, and the quantities required. They deliver food twice a week to the most vulnerable people in the local community.

When the Covid19 pandemic struck, the Food Bank witnessed a 225% increase in people needing food and care packages. This increase was reflected in the time and resources required to ensure everyone received their care packages on time. Organisation is key to the coordination of the charity, which relies heavily on email communication and access to the internet to operate.

Hana Hainsby, the coordinator of Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank, was left in a crisis when her laptop stopped working last December. Hana uses this laptop every single day and she wouldn’t be able to do her job without it.

That’s when Jim Tatchell, who works for the Food Bank, first contacted ITVET back in December 2020. When Jim wanted IT advice regarding laptops, ITVET took the decision to gift the Food Bank a new laptop. This was then delivered and set up for the foodbank by the ITVET team, who also ensured the trustees of the charity had access to email to help with their communications.

The money saved by not having to invest vital funds into a new laptop has since been allocated toward more resources for the charity.

Hana Hainsby, the coordinator of the Food Bank, said: “I just want to say a huge thank you from myself, Pauline and the board of trustees from the Food Bank. The help we received from ITVET was above and beyond what we would expect, especially with the support in setting up the emails.”

Richard Fountain, CEO of ITVET, said: “We are blown away by the hard work and kindness of the Food Bank. They are a vital part of our local community. They have shown so much resilience and perseverance throughout the Covid19 pandemic. We are honoured to have the chance to help them and say thank you.”

Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank rely on both financial and food donations. If you’re able to help you can find out how on their website.

Press Release: Laptops help drive sixth-form studies

The new laptops celebrated at Harris Academy Tottenham

To view the article as published in the Enfield Independent click here.

Sixth-formers at a Haringey school have received a boost to their studies with the arrival of 30 laptops.

The computers have been donated to the Harris Academy Tottenham by the Bishop Stortford-based IT company ITVET Ltd.

This donation comes as part of its “Laptops for Schools” scheme which refurbs old laptops passed on by companies which no longer have use for them.

The laptops are then distributed to schools to be used by students who need them most. These students are often from the poorest households, which helps to bridge the digital divide and improves their learning outcomes.

Sixth-formers will be loaned the laptops on a rolling basis, to assist with coursework, virtual work experience and homework.

Harris Tottenham’s Allan Paltzer said: “We are extremely grateful for the laptops which will make a huge difference to our cohort and has further helped us ensure that all our students are supported to perform to the best of their academic potential. Our sincerest thanks to ITVET for the donation and to Visionpath for making the introduction.”

Richard Fountain, CEO of ITVET, said: “We are honoured to be able to facilitate this donation of 30 laptops to the Harris Academy in Tottenham. Online learning is now a vital part of a young person’s education, sadly there are many that do not have access to an Internet enabled device such as a laptop or tablet etc. We also thank the many companies who have donated old laptops and funded the installation of new hard drives. Without these kind donations the scheme could not grow.”

Harris Tottenham is part of the Harris Federation, the largest academies trust in the south-east if England.

VolkerWessels UK builds on local circular economy with ITVET, donating laptops to local communities

VolkerWessels UK has underlined its commitment to reinforcing and building a circular economy for the good of everyone, promoting sustainability and supporting local communities, by donating 90 laptops with the assistance of ITVET.

At the start of the pandemic, it was widely reported that local schools and communities were in desperate need of computer hardware, such as laptops and tablets, for home schooling. This sparked the interest of a few junior members of VolkerWessels UK’s ICT team, who enquired whether the business would be able to assist with the repurposing of laptops that had outlived their ‘best before’ date for business usage, but still had lots of life still left in them.

This initiative prompted a new working relationship between VolkerWessels UK and ITVET, an IT company with headquarters in Bishop’s Stortford. ITVET strongly believe in “FreePurposing”. They take a ‘not for profit’ approach to provide the costs, skills and labour needed to support the Laptops for School programme.

Once ICT had removed the hard drives from the laptops, to prevent any data security issues, the shells were then delivered to ITVET, who in turn refurbished them and installed new donated SSD hard drives, before distributing to schools and charities that were greatly in need.

In addition to refurbishing used laptops via third party clients such as VolkerWessels UK, and distributing them to schools and local communities, ITVET also runs a programme, whereby for every new laptop purchased directly from them, they will also donate a refurbished one to a community or charity chosen by the purchaser.

Emma Ward, head of sustainability and inclusion, said: “When we were approached with this idea of ‘giving back’ to the community, it really struck a chord, and we are so pleased to be able to assist and be a small part of this circular economy drive.

“We have now made the commitment internally that all opportunities will be explored to donate or re-purpose our owned ICT equipment before it gets sent for recycling or disposal.”

Richard Fountain of ITVET commented: “We are so grateful to VolkerWessels UK for their significant donation of laptops to our Laptops for Schools project. We are honoured to have collaborated with them. Their donation has really boosted the number of devices we’ve been able to FreePurpose. We are so pleased to see the “FreePurposing” movement gathering momentum. We’ve seen a recent increase in laptops donated and reached some sizeable milestones with our fundraising to fund the installation of new hard drives. Word is spreading that we can really drive value from the valuable resources of our devices, rather than sending them to landfill. By donating to charities and schools, the scheme also provides digital inclusion to those who don’t have reliable access to devices for their learning. We look forward to further driving the FreePurposing scheme, with its own website coming soon.”

Announcing ITVET’s Nominated Charity of the Year

Wiggly Willow Cafe, Bishops Stortford. Syd Perry with members of the social club. The club is going for charitable status. .Pic: Vikki Lince. (13704855)

ITVET’s core values and purpose are to prioritise sustainability, investing in our team and our local community. We want to actively make a difference through our actions. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that Wiggly Willow is ITVET’s nominated cause for 2021! Sitting within the heart of our local community, Wiggly Willow is an incredible not-for-profit organisation that we are delighted to be working with. They run an affordably priced café that focuses on supporting adults with special educational needs, delivering low-cost training within the community. They enable the people they support to gain valuable life skills, training and work experience that deeply enriches their lives in so many ways.  

This year, we will be working closely with them, by sharing our digital skills and resources, to support their IT systems and network connectivity. We are also focusing our fundraising efforts on our partner during 2021. During the year, our team are planning to host a number of events in aid of Wiggly Willow.  

Richard Fountain, CEO of ITVET shared his feelings on our valued partnership… “We are so pleased to be working with Wiggly Willow this year. We believe that the work they do is invaluable and helps people that are often overlooked or forgotten in the not-for-profit sphere. The fact that they provide training and support which actively enables people with learning difficulties to gain meaningful employment and life skills makes such a difference. It’s incredible to see how they are enriching people’s lives within our community of Bishop’s Stortford and makes it an honour for us to be able to support them.” 

The History of Wiggly Willow  

In March 2018,The Café’s Owner, Sid Perry started Wiggly Willow. Sid has been caring for people with learning disabilities since an early age and has previously worked in Mencap’s Grove Cottage in a managerial role. With the help of some kind volunteers, Sid acquired a lease and opened up the café on a charitable basis. It did not take long to flourish!  

By mid-2019, the café was proving a success, needing 3 new staff members, as it continued to grow.Wiggly Willow registered with East Herts Council “Framework” to provide services directly to their clients with learning disabilities. These services provide phenomenal support and a chance for all those who attend to socialise and learn new skills. 

At the Heart of Our Community 

Driving up Hockerill Street, it is hard to miss Wiggly Willow’s bright green signage with their mantra: “More Than Just a Coffee Shop”. We couldn’t agree more. There is both an eat-in and takeaway menu. The coffee shop has a delicious array of homemade food, (we recommend a large slice of their chocolate sponge cake!) and hot drinks. It also provides a multitude of services that are enriching our community.  

Wiggly Willow’s Services: 

  • Work Experience – There are around 2 people who are given support to deliver kitchen services every day. This has been very successful with many people moving on to hold down permanent jobs when they complete their training. As part of their work experience, their clients work 1-1 alongside staff members to learn all aspects of working in a coffee shop. It is a very relaxed environment, they work at their own pace. From this work experience, practical skills are learned including health and safety, preparing food, and customer service. 
  • Day Services – Every day, Wiggly Willow provides a different training service. These day services focus on education and life skills. There are also a variety of physical activities aiming to promote personal development, physical and mental well-being. These include art club, money skills, keep fit class, and many more.  
  • Holidays – Each year, Wiggly Willow organises various day trips to different locations. There is also an activity-based holiday every year for 30 clients. Later this year they are heading off to Gunton Hall in Lowesoft! They purchased a minibus last year for their trips.   
  • Courses – For £20 you can sign up for a course that comes with lunch! Wiggly Willow has qualified trainers offering the courses of Makaton, first aid, manual handling and safeguarding. They also have free parent and carer groups. 

Wiggly Willow’s Community:  

Inside Wiggly Willow 

What makes Wiggy Willow so special is how they promote community amongst clients and staff. The courses they provide include lunch to gather everyone together. This has been fundamental for the creation of multiple friendships. Two people even got married, who had met each other in Wiggly Willow!   

When walking through the door, whether to attend a course or to buy a coffee, you are always greeted with a smile. It is considered a home to many people who attend. One client described how since coming to Wiggly Willow, her confidence has grown immensely. So much so that she has used this confidence to pursue her hobby of music and DJing.  

Their Kind Work Within Our Wider Community  

Wiggly Willow goes above and beyond for our local community. So many people are impacted by the work they do. This includes those with learning disabilities, parents, carers, the customers of the coffee shop, and people who were vulnerable through the Covid19 pandemic. During the coronavirus lockdowns, they kept morale high in our local community through their team singing “We’ll Meet Again” on the piano. They delivered homemade Christmas dinners to people who had to self-isolate.  

We are very grateful for all Wiggly Willow do. This is why we feel so privileged to have them as our team’s nominated cause of the year! We are looking forward to working with them. Take a look at Wiggly Willow’s website to find out more about them. You can also read about the IT services ITVET provide here.  

Vinci Plc Donates Laptops to ITVET Free Laptop for Schools Campaign

Watford Schools receive much needed Laptops to help disadvantaged pupils

As part of the ITVET Free Laptops for Schools scheme, businesses can donate unwanted Laptops which are then refurbished by ITVET and given a new lease of life, before being donated to a school or charity of the doner company’s choice. Vinci Plc became aware of the scheme and immediately offered to help by donating up to 90 laptops. In this instance the laptops went to schools in the Watford area close to Vinci’s head offices. One of the schools which benefited was Beechfield Primary in Watford.

Tanya Mortlock Assistant Headteacher at Beechfield School

Assistant headteacher Tanya Mortlock said:

“Beechfield School have many families who have needed support with technology during the lock down. Having laptops donated to our school is so wonderful as it means we are able to provide every family who needs one with a laptop. This means every child can have access to the remote learning they deserve. Upon our return to school, we will be able to use these laptops in classrooms to support learning in areas such as reading, times tables, spelling, and calculations. It will also support our Special Educational Needs provision. Being computer literate is a life skill and we cannot thank ITVET enough for helping us deliver these skills to our children”

VINCI Construction UK is a specialist civil engineering, construction and facilities management company based in Watford. “It is great to support ITVET with their campaign to provide laptops to schools in our local area. Being able to access a computer is now an essential part of every child’s life. By repurposing VINCI’s laptops, hopefully, many children will be able to further their education and develop the skills required to participate in our digital future. VINCI works closely with local communities through many programmes and we are very happy to be supporting the circular economy at the same time.” said Ben Paddick, Director of Digital & IT, VINCI Construction UK.

Since the pandemic started there has been a huge problem for schools in trying to teach pupils remotely, and that has been made incredibly difficult in cases where pupils families are struggling to cope financially and are unable to purchase expensive laptops and equipment. Although the government committed to provide 1.6m laptops to help disadvantaged pupils, the vast majority of these have not materialised. The criteria for eligibility are pupils that are on the Pupil Premium (PP), and or Free School Meals (FSM). However, given the added financial pressures that COVID19 has created, there are many families which are not eligible and not able to purchase new laptops due to lack of funds.

Another beneficiary of the scheme to receive a supply of laptops was Cherry Tree Primary School, Berry Avenue Watford. Which has 428 pupils. Headteacher Cheska Tyler said:

We are so grateful for the kind donation of laptops From ITVET & Vinci Plc to our school. We have been struggling to meet the need for our families so kindness such as this has been invaluable. As a result of these donations, we have been able to ensure that all of our pupils can access online learning with their peers and engage in live learning with the class teachers. On behalf of our children, families and staff thank you

Headteacher Cheska Tyler with one of the donated Laptops

The ITVET scheme was launched last November and was recently featured on the BBC’s Look East programme and has so far donated hundreds of laptops to schools, charities and families across the UK. ITVET CEO Richard Fountain explained, “as soon as we became aware of the scale of the problem, we started to appeal for donations of unwanted laptops from our clients and the public through our website and social media. In turn this was picked up by the BBC which raised awareness and helped boost the numbers of donations massively. However, it is the donations from businesses such as Vinci which are the most beneficial, as the quantities of laptops in a single donation are much higher which makes the logistics much easier. This is important because although we are doing everything we can to help, our resources are limited, so every little bit helps. Plus, companies can be reassured that as an ISO27001 accredited organisation we are able to securely destroy any data and issue a certificate of destruction.

Our team have been amazing, they have worked day and night often in their own time to muck in and help. From collecting the laptops, carrying out the repairs, to delivering into the schools. Our clients have also stepped up, not only offering donations of laptops, but also to collect or deliver laptops etc. All in all the feel good factor and teamwork makes it so worthwhile. So successful has been the scheme that we have decided to make it a permanent part of our operation, so that every time we sell a new laptop, we offer businesses the option of donating their old devices to a charity or school of their choice”

laptops for schools

Laptops for Schools Scheme – Update

We would like to thank everyone for your generosity and kindness in response to our Laptops for School scheme.

Following the BBC’s coverage of our campaign, we have received extraordinary interest and have carried out hundreds laptop/device donations to date.

We are no longer able to collect donations from individuals, due to logistical reasons, however if you wish to send your device in, we would be more than happy to carry out refurbishments, provided it complies with the following: 

  • Working condition (no lines on screen, keyboard all keys present, trackpad buttons work, no cracks, broken hinges, laptop can keep power on) 
  • Windows 10 compatible – look for a sticker stating windows 7/8/10 
  • Laptop to be delivered to the ITVET Office 
  • Power Adaptor 

Please note, we do not accept the following: 

  • iPads or Tablets 
  • Windows Vista/XP 
  • Non-working 

If your company has any unwanted laptops that they would be willing to donate, please get in touch, as we are still collecting laptop donations from businesses.   

ITVET team member installing a new Solid State Drive

ITVET team member installing a new Solid State Drive

We know there are still many people who would like to help but are not able to donate a laptop. So, we have launched a fundraising campaign GoFundMe to supply each laptop with a new Solid State Drive(SSD) to enable faster performance and laptop capacity, whilst reducing the turnaround to schools and increasing the lifespan of the laptop for schools. 

Help change the lives of disadvantaged pupils to ensure they get the education they deserve.