Voice Over IP


ITVET’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions offer your business greater communications flexibility with additional features and significantly reduced costs. VoIP systems are easy to set up and maintain without the burdens of complexity, cost and training that standard telephony equipment often demands .

Voice over Internet Protocol is, put simply, Internet telephony – the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high-speed broadband connection instead of traditional telephone wires. Call quality is at least equal to that of a standard (analogue) phone and often far better.

ITVET can offer your business a variety of VoIP or IP Telephony solutions. All of our VoIP systems offer enhanced call features including free office-to-office calls, on-net call recording and group pickup as well as standard phone system functionality.call costs. It’s very easy to get started with VoIP and your business phone line system will be scalable, meaning it can be expanded as your business grows plus your phone lines are exceptionally easy to manage.

Benefits of a VoIP Solution

• Up to 50% cheaper than a BT ISDN 30.

•Reduced call costs – Immediately reduce your current call costs by using a data connection, slashing your line rental charges and benefit from free calls between your sites.

• Supporting remote working – Divert calls from your desk phone to your mobile, so you never have to be unavailable.

• Reliability – With ITVET’s resilient network you are safe in the knowledge that you will benefit from 99.9% uptime.

• Web Portal – Manage your call traffic through our easy to use online portal. Organise your hunt groups, voicemail and call routing settings through your internet browser.

• Disaster recovery – Ensure your business is fully protected. If your office experiences problems you can simply route calls to mobiles or another office without your customers noticing a difference. Call our expert advice team on 01279 464 470 to see if you are available for this service.