ITVET Leased Deals

The ITVET Fully Managed Lease Deal

The Advantages

• 100% Tax relief

• As we own all of the equipment every penny you spend can be offset against tax Fully Supported & Guaranteed For Three Years

• All of the equipment is supported by our first class Fully Managed IT Support service, and is guaranteed for three years Keep Your IT Up To Date

• At the end of the three year term you have the option to own the equipment for a nominal fee of £1. Alternately you can choose to have a completely new system installed A complete Solution

• We provide just about everything a company needs for a complete IT solution, including, the server, Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, hosted email, hosted Anti-Spam, and all backed up by probably the best support service available. Set your IT budget and have no nasty surprises

• Our Three Year Fully Managed Lease Deal allows you to set your IT budget and leave everything to us Cost Savings

• Save money with fixed monthly service, including support, maintenance, licensing, and version upgrades It may cost Less Than You think

• Although our solution is more about quality than price, you may be pleasantly surprised at how little it can cost. For example a complete 5 user solution including a server is just £96.05 per week. And remember that includes all of the support too!