Hosted 365 Email

Flexible and secure hosted Microsoft 365 managed services

Hosted 365 Email

Our hosted Microsoft 365 managed services give your business a high-end communication tool while simultaneously minimising your costs and freeing up valuable IT resources. Calendars, Emails and Task Management tools are all synchronized to ensure the smooth running of your business.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee


Exchange email is also extremely secure as it is stored in state of the art bomb proof centres and our hosted anti-spam service tracks emails as they come in and out of your organisation, with built in protection against malware and viruses. The latest version of exchange comes equipped with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent sensitive data leaving your organisation.

High Capacity

Mailboxes have a huge 50gb limit with auto-archiving and built-in search functionality. As a default, all email data is stored and backed up in the cloud, with a three-month retention period for accidental deletion.


Exchange email is not affected by power cuts or broadband outages and provides greater business continuity and disaster recovery as you can work remotely from anywhere.