Schools still need help - Does your company have any unwanted Laptops? 
If your company has any unwanted laptops that they would be willing to donate, please get in touch.
The process is easy and you can help change the lives of disadvantaged pupils to ensure they get the education they deserve.

Please note: we are sorry but for logistical reasons we are no longer able to accept donations from private individuals.

How it works
If you have any unwanted laptops that you can donate, we will arrange to wipe them, refurbish them, and redistribute them to local schools who have applied for laptops through our scheme.   

To ensure the best distribution, we deliver all our laptops directly to the schools. They can then make sure that they are sent out to the children who need it most.

Donate an SSD
To increase the laptops’ lifespan and enable us to get the laptops to schools faster, we have launched a GoFundMe campaign to fit new Solid State Drives (SSD). This enables us to use laptops which might otherwise be unsuitable, and satisfy more demand, whilst increasing performance.

How else can you help?
Please share this page to your colleagues to help us raise awareness. You can also share our latest updates on the scheme with your contacts, by following us on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.
Are you looking to upgrade your company laptops?
Help stop the digital divide and save money on upgrading!
When you buy a new laptop through ITVET, we will refurbish your old one(s) and donate them to a school or charity of your choice.