Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop to enable your team to work anywhere

Hosted Desktop

In the modern workplace, having the ability to work remotely is invaluable. It provides business continuity and minimises disruption and down-time. An ITVET hosted desktop improves flexibility and productivity, providing a resilient and secure solution for your business.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Boost Productivity and Make Efficiencies

Our Hosted Desktop solution allows your staff to work from anywhere in the world 24x7 365 days per year (requires Internet connection). With an uptime of 99.9% and an infrastructure provided by the global leader in Cloud technology.

DR & Business Continuity

With virtually no known downtime, the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform provides what is probably the most resilient and redundant service in the world. In the fast paced world we live in, having the reassurance that your systems will remain on and available no matter what happens to your physical site(s) is vital.

Save Money & The Planet

The benefits of Cloud Desktops are many, but what better than to save your company money by reducing the amount of physical hardware and power required? In turn, this reduces your company's Carbon footprint which is great news for our planet.