Hosted Desktop

The desire for Hosted Desktops is due to the high cost of administration of individual PC systems. Especially companies with a decentralized organizational structure carry strong interest in simplifying the management of their desktop infrastructure.

With the use of Hosted Desktops IT administrators can deploy virtual desktops in the data centre on servers and manage them centrally. The users do not feel the difference and continue working as usual.
All the benefits of a traditional I.T. infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost. You can even access all your files and applications on your iPad or iPhone!

Full Desktop Experience
• Same experience using the Cloud Desktop as your desktop PC.
• Applications work the same as your desktop PC.
• Performance levels similar to those of your desktop PC, even over wireless broadband.

Flexible Working
• Access your data from anywhere in the world – at home, on a train or abroad.
• Staff can work and update files on the move (particularly useful for accountants and solicitors).
• Allows you to work from home, even in bad weather, or if the kids are off sick!

Save Money
• Dramatically cut your I.T. costs and energy bills.
• No capital equipment costs.
• Flexible and easy to manage monthly payments.
• No expensive software to buy.
• Lower cost insurance premiums.

Save Space
• No need to rent extra office space for servers.
• Thin clients are less than a quarter of the size of a desktop PC.

Green Technology
• Uses less energy.
• Reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
• Fewer PCs sent to landfill.

• Secure, encrypted internet connection.
• Guaranteed data privacy and security.
• Disaster recovery backup.
• High availability servers and disk storage.
• 24/7 infrastructure monitoring team.
• Centralised management of user profiles.
• No data is stored on your laptop, iPad, PC, etc.