Buy One & They get One Free

Buy your new company Laptops from us and for each one purchased we will donate an ITVET Refurbished Laptop to a School or Charity of your choice*

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    "A massive thank you to ITVET, this will help us facilitate catch up for the months that have been lost and allow students to feel confident with their studies at school."

    Mr.Gillbank Birchwood

    "We will be able to use these laptops in classrooms to support learning in areas such as reading, times tables, spelling, and calculations. It will also support our Special Educational Needs provision.”

    Tanya Mortlock Beechfield

    "The donations so far have enabled us to support four more families in need – making a very difficult time just that little bit easier. We are extremely grateful "

    Helen Smith Manor Fields

    "As a result of these donations, we have been able to ensure that all of our pupils can access online learning with their peers and engage in live learning with the class teachers..”

    Cheska Tyler Cherry Tree Primary
    It’s Time to Change the way we do Business - Buy one, and they get one FREE

    Help stop the digital divide and save money too! Simply buy a new laptop from ITVET, and we will take your old one, securely wipe the data, issue a certificate of destruction (usual cost £50.00), and refurbish it. You choose a local school or charity of your choice and we will donate a laptop on your behalf. ​

    schoolgirl studying with a laptop at the kitchen table
    There are significant benefits:
    1. Enable a disadvantaged pupil to continue their education remotely​
    2. Extend the life of your old laptop, rather than recycle it;
    3. Save money as we securely wipe the data and issue a certificate (usual cost £50.00)
    4. Better for the environment as the life of the laptop may be doubled​
    5. Lower your company's carbon footprint​
    6. Help schools and teachers who are struggling to teach children at home without devices

    *requires collection of old laptop at the time of purchase to qualify. ITVET will clinically wipe the data and issue a certificate of destruction.

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