Remote Backup

Protect your business against accidental or malicious data loss

Remote Backup

Making back-ups of files is an essential element of data management. Regular back-ups protect against accidental or malicious data loss and can be used to restore originals if there is loss of data. These days it is accepted that remote backup is by far the best way to protect your company's data.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee


All backups are encrypted at source and your data can only be read with your own password. Online backup solutions from ITVET are now acknowledged as being the most secure way to backup your data.


We store your data at different locations in purpose built online backup data centres. As a result, it is impossible to lose data due to natural disaster so you never run the risk of losing any backups. ITVET can transfer data back to your PC or to any other system of your choice anywhere in the world.


Backups are fully automated on a daily basis or at a frequency of your preference. You can automatically back up as many time a day as you like. No longer will you need to get involved in taking backups home or manual tape switching.