Cloud Solutions

Flexible and secure working for the Centre Management Team

Shopping Centre Cloud Solutions

Cloud systems from ITVET are flexible, reliable and secure. They are also resilient and provide fantastic business continuity and disaster recovery protection. ITVET provide Cloud solutions including Hosted Email, Hosted Desktop, Hosted Servers and Remote Backup.

Cloud solutions are environmentally friendly and cost effective, as you do not have the traditional hardware costs associated with a physical solution. Whatever your budget requirements, ITVET can create a Cloud solution that works for your Shopping Centre.


Environment and Budget Friendly

Reducing the amount of physical hardware and power required for your company is great news for our planet and Cloud services are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to a physical solution. Alongside this, Cloud services don't come with the traditional costs associated with a physical solution as you aren't paying for expensive hardware.

Resilient, Flexible and Secure

Cloud services are not affected by power outages or if anything happens to your physical site, such as fire or flood. You have the ability to work remotely from anywhere with ITVET Cloud solutions, which provides greater disaster recovery and business continuity protection. Data is stored in our state of the art bomb proof centres and is encrypted at source.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

ITVET's 24/7 UK based Service Desk is always on hand to deal with any problems you may experience. Cloud systems from ITVET are automatically monitored around the clock, meaning we are alerted to any issues with your systems instantly and will begin fixing them, usually before you are even aware.