Fast and reliable Internet Connectivity for your Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Connectivity

Your Shopping Centre can't afford to have a slow internet connection, which is why ITVET offer multiple solutions when it comes to your Centre's connectivity. Whether your Centre requires a dedicated Leased Line or a Business Fibre Broadband Connection (subject to availability), you can rest assured you are in reliable hands. Ensuring your Centre Management team are able to work efficiently and without interruptions is imperative for the successful running of your Centre.

In the unlikely event of a blip of slowdown, we act to resolve the issue and contact you before you contact us. We have multiple solutions that will get your Centre Management Team online faster and our internet connectivity options are flexible and tailored to your Centre's needs.


24/7 Monitoring and Support

All of our internet lines are automatically monitored around the clock, meaning if there is ever an issue with your connection, we are immediately alerted and can begin to fix the problem, usually before you are even aware. Alongside this, our 24/7 UK based Service Desk is on hand to deal with any issues you may experience.


A dedicated Leased Lines is one of the most reliable forms of Internet Connectivity. An uninterrupted internet line into your Shopping Centre will allow you to operate at full capacity, alongside providing excellent infrastructure for services such as Car Park machines.


With the ever-growing amount of online threats these days, all internet lines provided by ITVET are extremely secure, as we use the highest standard of protection to ensure your Centre is protected at all times.