Town Centre Public Wi-Fi

Fast, reliable and secure Public Wi-Fi for Town Centres

Public Wi-Fi

Providing Public Wi-Fi for visitors to your Town Centre can vastly improve shopper experience. An ITVET Public Wi-Fi Solution is fast, secure and reliable and is tailored to your Town Centre's exact budget and needs.

With our comprehensive and scalable policy management solutions, you always stay in control of who sees what, when and how, with great data capture opportunities, plus authentication methods to suit the visitors to your Town Centre. ITVET Public Wi-Fi Solutions also include detailed analytics for informed decision-making and exciting opportunities, through our leading content and ad-serving platform.

Public Wifi


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Tailored to You

Completely tailored to you and your budget, ITVET can provide Wi-Fi coverage for your entire town centre or just a small, targeted area. You can inject or remove content, alongside customising the login or landing page to fit with your branding.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

An ITVET Public Wi-Fi system is of the highest quality, providing minimal downtime for your visitors. Our systems are completely secure and provide a fully resilient service.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

We monitor all of our systems around the clock and are alerted automatically to any issues with your service. Alongside this, we operate a 24/7 UK Based Service Desk who are on hand to efficiently resolve any issues you may experience with your service.