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ITVET creates new Wellbeing & HR team 

Jul 2023 • 5 min read

ITVET is delighted to announce the newly established Wellbeing and HR team, led by Melissa Thomas (Wellbeing & HR Manager) and Laura Rock (Wellbeing & Talent Acquisition Manager).  

HR has an essential role to play within any organisation. From recruitment drives to employee engagement, no day is the same in an HR department. But if the last few years have taught us anything about staying strong and unified as a company, it’s that HR departments are about so much more than recruitment and training.  

While they’re undoubtedly valued assets within an organisation, we’ve learned that companies need to simply look beyond salaries and perks, giving employees as much support as they need to remain happy, healthy and in the right frame of mind to perform their best at work.  

So, at an integral time to acknowledge the holistic approach to the wellbeing of company employees, we are proud to see the business’ core values come to life and reflect across the wider company. We hope that our community of employees is aware of the unwavering support system available to them.  

“We want to ensure that everybody knows that their wellbeing is important and there is a safe space to turn to in the form of our HR department.” says Laura Rock. 

ITVET’S strong culture of training, mentorship and fully championed career development means that employees can pursue endless opportunity with the right support behind them. But the Wellbeing and HR team are also on standby to offer support to anyone experiencing personal issues and needing a friendly face to talk to. 

Melissa Thomas says, “Our Wellbeing and HR team is dedicated to creating an empathetic, safe setting for employees to thrive both personally and professionally within. Our team is approachable, caring and helpful. And we will do what we can to support those who need or ask for it.” 

“The people of ITVET are the core of our business”, says Laura Rock. “We want to nurture our people and help them to reach their potential. We want them to know that we are here for them, any time of day, no matter the reason.” 

Working together to develop and implement programs and initiatives that promote employee wellbeing is the team’s primary focus. And it is the company’s ambition to set a precedent when it comes to showing gratitude and kindness to valued employees, ensuring that they know they have somebody to turn to if they so choose.  

Thanks to ITVET’S community of genuinely happy and satisfied employees, clients of ITVET can benefit from a happy, healthy and engaged team. Our ITVET employees are always willing to help, demonstrating an inspiring level of productivity and a desire to go above and beyond for their teams, customers and wider network. 

Employees at ITVET are positively encouraged to strive for career advancement and are empowered to expand their skillsets and reach their full potential. The career opportunities and benefits available to employees can be found by visiting the below links. 
Careers | ITVET 

Current Vacancies | ITVET 

Employee Benefits | ITVET 
“Taking care of our employees is of the utmost importance to us at ITVET. We made wellbeing a core element of our HR strategy because we want our community to feel valued and empowered to seek help from us if they need support. We are building a culture of trust, here and will continue to do all we can to support our people.” – Daryl Fuller, Company Director. 

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