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ITVET launches Teammate Forum to boost employee engagement and teamwork  

Oct 2023 • 5 min read

In a dedicated effort to boost employee engagement and foster improved team collaboration, ITVET has introduced the Teammate Forum.

Made up of members from many departments and job roles, the forum has been designed to empower employees by offering them an open avenue for participating in discussions, sharing ideas, and resolving issues. It encourages active dialogue not only among colleagues but also between employees, team leaders, and the Wellbeing and HR team.

At this important point in the ITVET journey as an expanding IT Solutions company, the ITVET Teammate Forum will redefine internal communication. It provides a dedicated space for employees to voice their thoughts, questions, and concerns, all to enrich the company and nurture the community of dedicated employees. The Teammate Forum is guided by critical objectives, including increasing teamwork, swiftly addressing and resolving potential issues, and gathering invaluable insights for continuous improvements across the company.

Topics of discussion

The Teammate Forum’s discussion topics encompass many areas that directly impact employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing. These include:

  • Teammate honesty: Employees are actively encouraged to express their concerns and challenges encountered in their daily work, enabling ITVET to promptly acknowledge and address these issues.
  • Suggestions for improvement: Employees are invited to propose ideas for enhancing various aspects such as benefits, company events, wellbeing programs, and operational processes.
  • Future developments/changes: The forum will serve as a platform for collecting feedback on proposed changes and developments that involve employees, ensuring their voices play a central role in shaping the company’s future.
  • Providing updates: Team leaders and the Wellbeing and HR team will utilise the Teammate Forum to update employees on topics previously discussed during the forum, fostering transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

A collaborative approach to employee wellbeing

The Teammate Forum represents ITVET’s commitment to cultivating a positive workplace culture that places a premium on employee input and wellbeing. By encouraging open dialogue and creating an environment where nothing is off-limits when it comes to exchanging ideas, ITVET aims not only to address immediate concerns but also to drive continuous improvement and innovation throughout the organisation.

Empowering team leaders

The Teammate Forum also extends an empowering platform for team leaders. It allows them to present their ideas and initiatives while actively listening to the views and concerns of the employees they lead. This collaborative, two-way approach has been set in motion to enhance leadership skills, build trust, and ensure seamless alignment between leadership and the rest of the team.

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