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Intu Debenture

ITVET’s speed, resilience, efficiency, and technical innovations are demonstrated in this case study. We mobilised 1360 retail units with a short lead time of just 40 days, while maintaining outstanding levels of service.


MAPP Property Management

ITVET already manages the Intu Bromley site (The Glades) and was approached by MAPP in 2020 to audit and mobilise Intu Debenture sites – Eldon Square, Potteries & Braehead/Soar. As managing agents for Intu Debenture, MAPP required full IT support and services for 3.5 million square feet of retail space.

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A challenging mobilisation project

To prevent downtime for customers, ITVET was given a short lead time of 40 days to prepare a full technical audit, provide recommendations on services, and mobilise their technical infrastructure. This needed to be completed with the highest level of consistency and quality within that designated timeframe. We were also targeted with delivering huge cost savings for each asset.

End-to-end management and ownership of third-party tech suppliers
The biggest challenge faced was ensuring we had all the necessary information from the third-party technical providers. This involved fact-finding during the project deployment. A flexible and responsive approach was taken when we needed to quickly make changes to the original plan to ensure the deadlines were met. With feet on the ground at MAPP’s sites, we were able to problem solve and innovate in real-time to deliver the site migrations on time.


ITVET’s hands on project management process


Liaison and preparation

Eldon Square, Potteries and Braehead/Soar would join Intu Bromley (now known as The Glades), which ITVET had already mobilised in 2017. Our expert team was already well versed in the technologies Intu had deployed. We knew exactly what to expect when auditing the network infrastructure, IT systems, and connectivity services. This ensured that we didn’t make mistakes and completed the project within the timeframe.


Hands on, face to face project management = Seamless migration

Our project management team liaised directly with Intu to familiarise themselves with the individual sites. Their technical approach was replicated across most of their IT estate. Due to our 2017 onboarding of Intu Bromley, we already held good relationships with the third-party providers. This enabled a seamless transition when integrating them into our new cloud-based systems.


Real people with real feet on the ground to deliver a slick mobilisation process

Our team of project managers, coordinators, Cisco and HP specialists, and deployment engineers worked directly with Intu and the centre management teams. This ensured that all relevant information was captured and end user disruption was minimised. Our goal was that on the day of transition, the teams on the ground felt that nothing had really changed.


Providing a truly accessible, friendly, and personal service

Our IT support team are truly accessible, 24/7. Eldon, Potteries, and Soar teams benefit from being able to speak to a real human voice when they raise a support request, without having to jump through hoops or wait on hold. ITVET’s standard of training is a much higher technical standard than expected within the IT industry. Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line engineers resolve every request, even the most complex service requests, quickly and efficiently.


A proactive approach to driving value from your IT estate

When added together, our proactive approach helps MAPP and Intu Debenture to make intelligent business decisions, driving maximum value from the buildings they manage.

The outcome

MAPP and Intu Debenture teams had a significant undertaking to mobilise this huge portfolio within such tight timeframes. ITVET’s seamless approach to their technical mobilisation and tight project management ensured that their teams were able to hand all the technology migration over to us. This enabled MAPP’s team to focus on other more challenging areas of the Intu Debenture portfolio onboarding. ITVET takes full ownership of all technical aspects, we avoid passing the book or blaming third-party suppliers.

ITVET integrated all required services for Intu including communications, connectivity, cyber security, and all operations. We also delivered savings upwards of £200k+ per centre.