Internet Filtering & Security

Internet security services

Internet Filtering and Security

Our internet security services allow you to take back control and manage internet experience across your network with acceptable use or compliance policies, as well as protecting your company from threats from the internet. Set your own parameters and tailor your filtering to suit your business preferences.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Set your own parameters

Choose your own keywords and list of restricted sites and update them at any time, improving the productivity of your staff.

Reduction of Security Threats

Limit the sharing of files that could contain harmful or illegally traded material, such as music or films.


Restrict and allow certain users on certain sites and block or allow certain groups of sites.

Cisco Umbrella

We use Cisco Umbrella, a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defence against cyber and malware threats from the internet and email. Their sophisticated threat intelligence can detect attacks before they launch, meaning you can be secure in the knowledge that your company is safe with ITVET. We now require all clients to have Internet Security & Filtering as standard and Cisco Umbrella is our software of choice.