Leased Lines

Enjoy superfast internet connections with a dedicated leased line for business

Leased Lines

Ensuring your internet connection is fit for purpose, stable and secure, should be of the highest priority for your business, as down time can be extremely expensive and disruptive. We offer a dedicated leased line for business which includes Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to guarantee you the highest possible level of service.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

High Bandwidth

No matter what your bandwidth requirements, there is a Leased Line to meet your connectivity needs. With speeds up to 10gb, we can provide a tailored solution perfect for your business.


A dedicated and secure Leased Line is one of the most resilient forms of connectivity. An uninterrupted internet connection to your business is necessary for you to operate at full capacity.

Mission Critical

A Leased Line is essential for companies who operate mission critical services for their organisation, that can't afford to lose a connection to the internet, which is also perfect for remote working too.


With the ever-growing amount of online threats these days, a dedicated secure Leased Line and Firewall is essential in keeping your company safe and secure.