City Hall

City Hall is an eco-friendly building situated in London’s prestigious Royal Docks. Previously known as The Crystal, the building is now home to the Mayor of London, London Assembly, and the Greater London Authority.


A flashship building that automatically manages its own environmental commitments

Built in 2012, City Hall is a fully electric building with rainwater storage and solar heating. The building produces 70% less carbon emissions than an average UK office. The running of City Hall integrates multiple system providers to create an award-winning smart building focused on driving eco-friendly performance. This case study demonstrates ITVET’s smart building expertise and ability to deploy an innovative and resilient technical strategy.

The challenges

Meeting a strict deadline to prevent downtime with a seamless mobilisation
In January 2019, City Hall appointed ITVET to provide IT, connectivity, and communications – taking over support from Siemens. A major challenge was that every feature of the building was deeply connected to the Siemens network. Therefore, the removal of the Siemens network would mean downtime of toilet facilities, heating, and complete functionality of the building. A strict mobilisation deadline was implemented to design and install a brand new network to maintain the building’s functionality with minimal downtime.

Use technological innovations to ensure the building is eco-friendly
City Hall has 3500 data points. Data on energy and water consumption is presented live in the City Hall exhibition every 15 minutes. This shows how much City Hall prioritises eco-friendly innovations to support the smooth running of the building. ITVET was required to create an overarching smart building technical strategy to be the backbone, converging every data point securely and delivering building automation. Creating this strategy involved detailed liaison with Siemens, a full infrastructure audit, and utilising ITVET’s smart building expertise.

Hands on liaison and management with third-party technical providers
All of City Hall’s systems are highly integrated and controlled by the IT network. ITVET understands this and helps manage the relationships with several third-party systems and BMS providers throughout the building.

City Hall’s integrated systems run in harmony to keep it eco-friendly

ITVET’s process

The network design, infrastructure installation, and full mobilisation of City Hall was completed within the outlined timeframe. There was a smooth transition from Siemens to ITVET. The project was closely managed by our expert team. All issues were overcome quickly and efficiently with a very proactive and hands on approach from ITVET.

The overall result of their mobilisation


User-friendly reporting software

ITVET connected each data point securely to a network specifically designed for City Hall. With the implementation of VLANs, each data point was secure to prevent malicious attacks. Our reporting software ensures City Hall can view the status of any of their systems, in real-time, from a single user-friendly dashboard.


Prioritising the environment

ITVET provides sustainable technology solutions and services with integrity, that actively help our planet and people. Everything we do and source is critically analysed through a sustainable lens, within our procurement exercises, the ways we work, and the services we provide.

We deeply understood City Hall’s prioritisation for the environment. Our smart building expertise enable us to deliver sustainable services that create or retrofit smart buildings to prevent energy wastage and align with the behaviour of the building’s inhabitants. For example, we use technology to ensure lights, heating and air conditioning are switched off when a space is unoccupied. This prevents human-caused mistakes and energy wastage. We truly believe smart building features are the future of property management.


Reliable support, around the clock

ITVET has a 24/7, UK-based service desk, ready to help City Hall with any issues. Our IT support team full of certified engineers and advisors will always provide a human voice and listening ear when the phone rings. Our team jumps on support requests and resolves issues quickly and efficiently to adhere to our SLAs. Being trained to a much higher technical standard than is expected within our industry, our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line engineers resolve even complex, strategic service requests quickly and efficiently.

Our systems constantly monitor City Hall so we can begin resolving any issues before our client has to initiate a support request. ITVET conducts regular penetration testing to ensure the strength of the City Hall’s network meets our security standards.