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Snowbird Foods

Snowbird Foods is an award-winning leading supplier of food service, sandwich and ready meals. With a large UK production base, Snowbird Foods sits at the forefront of development and innovation. They are now one of the fastest in their industry to respond to new recipe challenges in the UK and Ireland.

A well-deserved thanks to the team at ITVET! Gone are the days of our unresolved issues and long delays within our IT infrastructure. Our site audit, at first contact with ITVET, made us realise we made the right choice to change service providers. The onboarding process was seamless and required no downtime to the delight of all our staff. Going forward our team no longer get the frustrated feeling when it’s time to call for assitance. The ITVET team are always great to talk to and simply get the job done.

Ian Barrett
Deputy Chief Engineer
Snowbird Foods logo

The challenge


To remain competitive Snowbird Foods rely on their IT systems to keep up with rapid changes in their industry. As the company continues to expand, issues raised with a previous Managed Service Provider (MSP) had started to put company growth at risk.


Poor customer service and the inability to react efficiently to business needs had begun to hinder productivity. Vital IT improvements were slow to be addressed, particularly the upgrading of their IT infrastructure.


Tickets and requests raised could take weeks, even months to be addressed. This sparked concern when security requests, such as firewall improvements, were not dealt with as priority. Potentially leading to vulnerabilities further down the line.


Looking to improve the overall service of their IT and technology, ITVET were invited to conduct an audit of Snowbird Foods’ existing IT infrastructure.

  • ITVET engineers surveyed Snowbird Foods’ existing systems and solutions. A thorough survey highlighted areas of risk and those in need of improvement, before being presented in a final detailed report.
  • Following the report, and in line with ITVET’s recommendations, Snowbird Foods invested in a full managed service which includes IT support and Microsoft Office 365.
  • To meet the urgency surrounding their lack of IT support, ITVET were able to push their onboarding date forward. Reacting quickly to their business needs ensured that support and advice was readily available for Snowbird Foods’ internal teams.


Addressing the key issues surrounding customer service and support, Snowbird Foods now have access to professional IT support on demand.

  • Response times have been vastly reduced with queries and tickets dealt with efficiently and held against SLAs.
  • Hardware and software requests are installed quickly, minimising downtime, and evolving in line with business growth.
  • The upgrading of their IT infrastructure is now conducted in real-time. Potential risks and vulnerabilities are proactively secured.
  • Access to a dedicated account manager and a team of helpdesk experts provides technical knowledge on demand. ITVET’s consultative approach provides ongoing support and guidance to aid with future digital transformation plans.