Entertainment System

A revolutionary In Room Entertainment System for your Hotel

Hotel Entertainment System

Displaying guest information in the room provides a tailored experience, as well as providing access to additional services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify. Allow your guests to view the room service menu and place orders using our revolutionary system and provide a huge range of channels using your existing satellite or cable feed.


All Included for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Completely Customisable

Providing a tailored experience for individual guests is ideal for improving guest satisfaction. Not only is the guest experience customisable, you can easily communicate or display information and services such as the room service menu or hotel information to your guests.

Easy Management

Using EntireHotel's Web Portal, you can easily update any information or branding, at the touch of a button, whether this be changes to your room service menu, bar times or more.

Links to Existing Services

Where possible, EntireHotel will link to your existing systems and services, such as your telephone system or existing satellite or cable feed, streamlining your processes and improving guest experience.