Data Analytics

Revolutionise your Shopping Centre Management

Shopping Centre Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of your data is critical in allowing you to identify trends, problems, improve efficiencies and forecast new opportunities. Simply collecting the data and storing it in spreadsheets is not enough. Data is an extremely valuable tool for your Shopping Centre and RetailReport allows you to gain the greatest insight into your Centre and maximise your potential.

RetailReport automatically collects and shapes data from any system or service, including Footfall, Car Parks, Sales and Turnover Figures, Public Wi-Fi, Social Media (including Sentiment), Website Statistics and much more. Supplementary data is displayed alongside this, such as Weather, Traffic, Travel, News, Health and Safety Information and Internal and External Events.


Time Saving

RetailReport automatically collects data from a multitude of sources, saving Centre Managers a vast amount of time. No longer do they need to manually log in to various portals and extract data such as Footfall and Car Park information, or visit each retailer individually and collect Sales and Turnover figures.

Detailed Reporting

Excel Spreadsheets become a thing of the past with RetailReport. Painstakingly creating spreadsheets, inputting and analysing the data is tedious, which is why RetailReport collects, analyses and shapes your Centre's data into reports automatically, meaning Centre Management staff can spend their time in a much wiser way.

24/7 Monitoring

RetailReport monitors your systems and services around the clock, providing automatic alerts via text, email or phone call, depending on the severity, whenever a figure falls out of place. For example, should your Footfall numbers be drastically lower than expected, you can be alerted so you are aware of the issue.