UK Shopping Centres

How Would Your Shopping Centre Cope In A Disaster?

The recent riots in our cities shocked everyone, and UK shopping centres were at the epicentre of the troubles. Unlike previous disturbances, such as Tottenham and Brixton in the eighties, this time, by the use of social media there was more organisation. The rioters were not content with randomised looting, and throwing bricks at the police, they focused on high profile designer shops and stores, the higher value the better. Shopping centres were on high alert up and down the country, with many centre managers choosing to stay in their centres overnight, to make sure they did all they could to avoid their centre going up in smoke.

It is easy to be complacent and believe this type of thing could never happen in a major city in the UK, but the riots demonstrated just how vulnerable our major cities and shopping centres are to civil unrest and disorder. Thankfully events such as these are very rare in the UK, and for those who managed to avoid any major traumas, they served to highlight how important a proper disaster recovery (DR) plan is. Although incredibly, most surveys reveal that the majority of UK businesses have no disaster recovery plan. Unlike in the eighties, these days nearly every business relies heavily on their IT, yet amazingly up to 40% of UK businesses do not back up their mission critical data properly, let alone ever carry out a disaster recovery planning scenario.

At ITVET we support many UK shopping centres, and consider ourselves to be specialists, with an in depth understanding of anything related to IT in the sector. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and whilst we fully appreciate how tight budgets are right now, we also know how important IT is in keeping your centre up and running. By the clever use of the latest that IT has to offer, we can make your centre IT more secure, more efficient, and provide you with an effective disaster recover plan. The best bit is, that it needn’t cost the earth!

We have years of experience in dealing with IT for UK shopping centres, and pride ourselves in the quality and range of our services, which include much more than just traditional IT support. Why not contact us today for a free initial consultation, and see how we can help your centre.